Hungarian partridge

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common European partridge

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The Ethos took more pheasants across the fall, along with some Hungarian partridge, never malfunctioning even during late December snowstorms.
Highland Hills features a mixed bag of habitat that is ideal for four different species on the spread: pheasants, quail, chukars and Hungarian partridge (often called huns).
Pheasants, sharptails, chukars and Hungarian partridge give dogs and hunters the best of physical exercise.
7: Opening day for chukar, Hungarian partridge and eastside quail.
Located in the heart of the prairie pothole region, there were lots of pheasants and waterfowl a few miles from town and plenty of prairie grouse and Hungarian partridge to the west.
The western boundary is the famed Brownlee Reservoir; some thirty miles of streams criss-cross throughout the holdings, providing water for chukars and Hungarian partridge alike.
9: Opening day for duck season in Zone 2 and for chukar, Hungarian partridge, Eastern Oregon valley quail, and mountain quail seasons in Klamath and Wallowa counties.
The Stoney Brook Preserve is an intensely managed, multi-habitat property with lodgings that offers deer, pheasant, dove, chukar, Hungarian partridge, duck, bass and trout fishing.
Filled with the excitement of flushing birds and shotgun blasts, she charged down a coulee pushing Hungarian partridge and sharptailed grouse into the volleys of the two blockers we had posted on the escape route.
The same goes for those who hunt quail, chukar, Hungarian partridge and other liberated birds on hunting preserves.
11), Eastern Oregon chukar and Hungarian partridge (through Jan.
He is a wizard on Hungarian partridge or Huns as we call them out west.
Hungarian partridge and quail start weeks later: Grouse bag limits are more generous, too.
Favorable weather conditions allowed early nesting species like chukar, pheasant, grouse and Hungarian partridge hens to produce more and bigger broods.
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