Hungarian partridge

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common European partridge

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Highland Hills features a mixed bag of habitat that is ideal for four different species on the spread: pheasants, quail, chukars and Hungarian partridge (often called huns).
9: Opening day for duck season in Zone 2 and for chukar, Hungarian partridge, Eastern Oregon valley quail, and mountain quail seasons in Klamath and Wallowa counties.
West will hunt ruffed grouse in the north woods, waterfowl in North Dakota and Montana sharptails and Hungarian partridge this year, but that's not all.
11), Eastern Oregon chukar and Hungarian partridge (through Jan.
Ideally, I recommend taking this gun with 1 - to 1 1/8-ounce loads to the grouse woods, woodcock bottoms, quail brambles or sharptail and Hungarian partridge prairies, maybe even some early-season wild pheasant and especially preserve gunning of any kind.
Favorable weather conditions allowed early nesting species like chukar, pheasant, grouse and Hungarian partridge hens to produce more and bigger broods.
My previous Brittany, a tiny little dog named Fancy, hunted almost exclusively Hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and ruffed grouse in Montana.
Our main target is wild pheasants, but we have also used our pointing Labs on prairie grouse, ruffed grouse, chukar partridge, Hungarian partridge, bobwhite quail, and desert quail.
specifically, we're going to take a look at several of our more popular "western birds"--chukars, Hungarian partridge and prairie grouse.
Fancy, who was probably eight or nine months old, proceeded to teach me about Hungarian partridge.
With the possible exception of Hungarian partridge, which chukars resemble in more ways than one, I know of few other birds that are so hard to predict.
By mid-February, Hungarian partridge are pairing up and hold like bobwhite quail, making for grand sport and excellent dog training.
to rank right up there with the best for the birds mentioned in the title of this piece, but if you cross the border into southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan, that's when you're really talking ideal Hungarian partridge and sharptailed grouse country.
True doubles can be claimed only when a simultaneous rise occurs, as is commonly the case when bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge or sharptailed grouse explode in a covey flush.
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