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Synonyms for Hungarian

a native or inhabitant of Hungary

the official language of Hungary (also spoken in Rumania)


Related Words

relating to or characteristic of Hungary


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BUDAPEST, May 26, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey has become the most popular holiday destination for Hungarian tourists this year.
Tadawul FX also recently carried out a survey with its Hungarian client base in order to determine their satisfaction with the services and trading experience, as well as their preferences and opinions on further services and features.
SEEMO is worried about the political pressure on the daily Magyar Szo, exerted by the Hungarian National Council.
Presentation of the Hungarian language musical thesaurus
Once such sounds were in the crowd's head, Fischer engineered something of a shotgun wedding, uniting the Philharmonic first with Okros, improvising cadenzas in Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.
Let the figures be the Hungarian king and his brother: Laszlo and Salamon, or Talandus and Charles the Great, the scheme is the same: the internecine fight.
At the other end of the spectrum stands Rose Dancs, a fairly recent Hungarian immigrant from Transylvania, whose story is well-written and moving in its recollection of 1956, but one wonders whether it has the same emotional appeal to a Canadian reader as to the bilingual Hungarian.
The chapter he devoted to the "Great Generation" of Hungarian intellectuals (1875-1905) contains, among other fine things, a verbal miniature of Gyula Krudy, a writer who loved patrician ways of life, whose memories "poured into scenes of a bygone patrician world of domesticity, peopled by spotless wives and honorable old men.
Teleky, American-born grandchild of Hungarian immigrants, resident of Toronto, short-story writer, editor, and teacher of literature, decided to learn Hungarian as an adult to gain access to Hungarian literature which "seemed to hold a key to something I wanted to understand, without knowing what it was.
I don't care what they build," said Francisc Veres, an ethnic Hungarian who represents Chilieni on the greater Sfintu Gheorghe council.
Our Canadian Presbyterian Church has been greatly enriched by Hungarian Reformed Christians; yet, we do not know as much about the parent church as we should.
Global Banking News-February 3, 2014--Austrian central bank head hints that Hungarian banks could withdraw from nation
Radics has created the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library[TM][c] in order to share The Secret of Hungarian Cooking[R][c] with the World.
17 ( ANI ): Hungarian Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog and Secretary, Union Ministry of Culture Ravindra Singh on Thursday inaugurated an exhibition entitled "From Organic Forms to Light Art : Selection from the Contemporary Hungarian Art" in the national capital.
Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jnos Martonyi and his Croatian counterpart Vesna Pusic have agreed to settle the issue of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL and its Croatian counterpart by means of dialogue; however, if talks fail to yield a solution, MOL will decide whether or not to sell its stake in INA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Saturday.