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a member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century

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A longstanding plan to merge Cambodia's two major opposition parties is in confusion Tuesday after a document suggesting one opposition leader was in collusion with Prime Minister Hun Sen was leaked by Hun Sen's party.
17 and addressed to Hun Sen, Ranariddh said he would lead the Norodom Ranariddh Party ''in order to compete in 2013 election.
Sebastian Strangio, author of Hun Sen's Cambodia, said while it might appear unlikely that the CNRP would be re-established and allowed to compete, it wasn't impossible.
After the meeting, Hun Sen will hold delegation-level talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Hun Sen described the opposition as "children" of the United States and said he told this to US President Donald Trump when they met in the Philippines earlier this month.
Other pictures from the event showed the couple talking with Hun Sen.
Hun Sen's Cambodia will find its audience of tourists, aid workers, and diplomats due to the topic's innate interest and the lively manner in which it is treated, but the work's main contribution to Southeast Asian scholarship may ultimately be that it reminds us of the need for a truly scholarly biography of Hun Sen.
As his title for Chapter Five indicates, under Hun Sen's leadership there has been an example of Potemkin democracy.
Meanwhile, Hun Sen warned that if he really passed away, opposition leaders might not survive because no one could control the armed forces.
In the aftermath of Cambodia's elections in July 2013, Beijing promptly recognized the results and congratulated Prime Minister Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People's Party for their victory.
Hun hunting is a sport for walkers, designed for people who don't mind putting in a half-dozen miles or more behind a hard-working pointing dog in what can be some pretty rough country.
Cambodia's long-ruling leader Hun Sen has been re-elected to yet another five-year term, but the emergence of a much stronger opposition party and pressing demands for change from discontented masses make for a bumpy road ahead compared with his previous terms.
Flood deaths in Cambodia last month reached 148, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Saturday.
com)-- Hun Technology president and founder Ferenc Ledniczky today announced that the company anticipates a hiring blitz, pre dominantly in Boca Raton.
MAE'R therapydd maethol a'r cyn fyfyrwraig o Goleg Ial, Zoe O'Neill, wedi derbyn pounds 5,000 o nawdd gan Lywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru ar ol iddi ddechrau ei chwmni ei hun a dangos pen busnes craff.