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a high mobility, multipurpose, military vehicle with four-wheel drive

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The Humvee saw its first participation in a conflict during the US invasion of Panama in 1989.
In FY2018, the first Marine infantry battalion will receive 69 JLTVs, Bianca said, to replace 74 Humvees in the battalion.
The Humvee has not met the operational needs we were hoping for and we anticipate returning the vehicle, as it hasn't worked out for us," he said.
Military surplus Humvees will probably never become commonplace, which means they will always remain a scarce and very expensive, toy.
AM General is offering the Humvee to other branches of the military, in addition to 50 countries globally.
The humvee in front of us was jumping all over the place because it had not been outfitted with the advanced suspension system.
They observed Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Sailors deploy an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a manned Gunslinger Humvee and an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) on a successful mission to detect and engage fictional insurgents.
Fortunately, a pilot program designed to combine the best features of government logistical expertise and private industry's knowledge of inventory management and just-in-time delivery has set a new standard for speed and quality in the rebuilding of thousands of the Army's high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles--the famous HMMWV, or Humvee.
The company, specializing in polymer engineering and design for advanced mobility applications, has developed a nonpneumatic tire with a honeycomb configuration for the Humvee as part of a contract with the U.
Each Humvee contained the usual members: a driver, team chief, an interpreter, a gunner and a passenger.
Scant weeks before, Turner was manning a gun on the turret of a Humvee in Ramadi, Iraq.
In an interview, Kennedy said he feared that the problems that have hampered the armored Humvee program--continual underestimates of the need by the Pentagon, production delays and bureaucratic barriers--might also be slowing battlefield deliveries of the MPVs.
Then a 500-pound artillery round upended his Humvee, killing his crew mate and shattering his own feet.
Late last year, President Bush sent the family of a soldier killed in a Humvee explosion a condolence letter with the typo "God less you.
The military Humvee then appeared and attempted to pull the vehicle out.