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a form of insulin (trade name Humulin) made from recombinant DNA that is identical to human insulin

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Humulin R U-500 (500 units of insulin per 1ml, is concentrated insulin that is indicated for the treatment of high blood sugar in people with diabetes who need to inject more than 200 units of insulin per day.
My main injections of humulin, I take one at 6am and another at teatime, about 5-6pm.
Common Types of Insulin Source Onset of Peak Duration Generic Name Trade Name Action Action of Action NPH Humulin N, 1-3 hours 8 hours 12-16 Novolin N hours Glargine Lantus 1 hour flat 20-26 Detemir Levemir hours Regular Humulin R 1130-60 2-4 hours 5-8 hours Novolin R minutes Glulisine/ Apidra, 15 30-90 4-6 hours Aspart/Lispro NovoLog, minutes minutes Humalog NPH and regular Humulin 70/30 30-60 Varies-1.
The subjects were then switched from their existing human premix insulin (Actraphane, Humulin 30/70 or Insuman) to the study insulin Biosulin 30/70 after education and demonstration on the new delivery device (the biopen).
Silkie was switched from Humulin to longacting Levemir because he has been difficult to regulate.
The Global Biopharmaceutical Industry has come a long way since its first drug- Humulin was approved in 1982.
5-1 2-3 5-8 hours [dagger] Intermediate/long-acting NPH (Protaphane[R], Humulin N[R]) 1.
Beginning in mid-September, Lilly's Humulin brand of insulin will be available in Wal-Mart pharmacies across the United States under the dual-branded name Humulin ReliOn.
Examples are Actrapid (Novo Nordisk, Baulkham Hills, NSW) and Humulin R (Eli Lilly, West Ryde, NSW).
The US firm's sales figures for the insulin products Humalog, Humulin and Byetta indicated of continually high underlying growth, especially in the sales of insulin analogues, analyst Rune Majlund Dahl said.
Groups III and IV served as positive controls and received humulin (Robert Schmidt et al.
In September 2008, the company announced results from a preliminary analysis of the data from two pivotal Phase III clinical trials comparing VIAject to Humulin R in patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
VIAject is currently being tested in two pivotal Phase III clinical trials, which are comparing the effects of VIAject to Humulin R, the leading recombinant human insulin.