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Despite his enormous impact on the study of human sexual behavior, Kinsey received vocal criticism of the representativeness of his samples because of their willingness to participate in his studies and because of a presumed overreliance on prisoners and prostitutes (for examples see Cochran, Mosteller, & Tukey, 1954; Maslow & Sakoda, 1952), and some of these concerns continue to resonate today.
In spite of the difficulties studying human sexual behavior, there have been objective measurements of sexual arousal and response in both men and women.
From our current research we can suggest elements for understanding the deep roots of sexual identities and their expression; but because it is based on recognized categories, we need to peer between the cracks to recognize and document the movements between these categories which express human sexual behavior.
Experimental analyses of operant processes in human sexual behavior are extremely sparse.
Goldman is aware that, in grounding his account of sexual perversion on the facts of human sexual behavior, he is deviating from the facts of usage of the term "sexual perversion.
Apart from the problems of its representativeness, the Kinsey data are an extremely rich source of information about the variety of human sexual behavior.
Much to his dismay, he "discovered that scientific understanding of human sexual behavior was more poorly established than any other function of the human body.
The research carried out at the Department of Psychopharmacology, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, discovered that beta-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid, the primary compound in Rexahn's Phase II drug candidate Zoraxel[TM], produced a remarkable increase in the sexual activity in rats, offering important insight for how Zoraxel may positively affect human sexual behavior.
Upon completion of a semester long human sexual behavior course, undergraduate students were hypothesized to 1) show changes in attitudes which reflect greater tolerance for differences in sexual beliefs and practices, and 2) report positive outcomes, resulting from completion of the course, related to their personal sexual knowledge, sexual self image, and close relationships.
This war on premarital sex is of a piece with the religious Right's war on gay and lesbian sex: an ongoing attempt to police human sexual behavior while demonizing those who act outside their narrow definition of what is acceptable--indeed joyfully eroticized--sexual expression.
Although not as extreme as some would have liked, the standard envisioned by the CBAE guidance still conflicts with prevailing patterns of human sexual behavior, not only for unmarried adults but for adolescents as well.
MATE DEBATES Evolutionary psychology's spotlight on genes leaves much of human sexual behavior shrouded in darkness, according to some upstart theorists.
From homophobic people saying there is no such thing as homosexuality in animals to Konrad Lorenz's famous research into territorial aggression, animal behavior has been used to show the limits of human sexual behavior and liberation," Bronski says.
Wilson concluded that factors other than androgen--"social, psychological, biological--are of equal or greater importance in modulating human sexual behavior.
The genetics of human sexual behavior is a minefield, as the ongoing debate over the existence of a gay gene aptly shows.
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