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a settlement on the frontier of civilization


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The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the bill creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHUD), one of the priority measures identified by the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (Ledac).
The department shall be the sole and main planning and policy-making, regulatory, program coordination, and performance monitoring entity for all housing, human settlement and urban development concerns, primarily focusing on access to and affordability of basic human needs.
But as part of the solution to the problems, NITP president called on the town planners in public sector to involve actively in the formulation of development agenda towards addressing the challenges of rapid urbanisation, increasing poverty and environmental deterioration in human settlement.
For this purpose, the Ministry of Climate Change and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) in Pakistan have been working closely on various initiatives related to sustainable urbanization and climate change" he said.
Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar System and Earth's Future in Space is edited by geologist William A Ambrose, co-vice chair of the AAPG Astrogeology Committee; Dr James F Reilly II, former NASA astronaut and exploration geologist; and Douglas C Peters, president and COO of ARNEVUT Resources.
During previous seasons, Iranian archaeologists have identified human settlements belonging to the Paleolithic and the Mesolithic ages.
He also valued the Kingdom's support to the UN Human Settlement Program that would help it acheive its objectives.
The issue was raised by Salehi in a meeting with United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) Executive Director Joan Clos here in Tehran on Saturday.
The inhabitants then participated in the building of the first cities in the area and the human settlement in the village continued till 200 BC.
By 800 years after human settlement, several species of sloths died out--due to either hunting or indirect effects of human presence such as habitat destruction.
EXPERTS have discovered Scotland's oldest human settlement - dating back 14,000 years.
The only prehistoric human settlement found in Darestan was Telle Atashi Pre-Pottery Neolithic village near the city of Bam in Kerman Province," said team-director Omran Garajian.
The absence of any sign of human settlement gave the team a glimpse into what rain forests must have looked like tens of thousands of years ago.
Urban vibrancy is set against the gaping emptiness of the rural interior, a vast primeval landscape barely affected by the scrapings of farming and human settlement where poverty and marginalisation are still endemic.
In recent years, contributions from the fields of archeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and genetics have revolutionized the study of the origins, timing and process of human settlement in America.
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