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a high mobility, multipurpose, military vehicle with four-wheel drive


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The tour is truly comprehensive and unusual - for six months, we will not only feature product demonstrations and sign on new subscribers, but also conduct full-scale, tailored in-market promotions, launch a traveling 'viral' marketing campaign and wire our specially outfitted Hum-Vee limousine to maximize our appearances.
EMAZING also will utilize the custom Hum-Vee limo in all tour appearances, including allowing locals to email their own "digital" photo to friends and loved ones via EMAZING Greetings.
The "mascot" of the six-month, 25-city tour is a rugged, all-terrain, 28-foot long Hum-Vee limousine, designer-wrapped with the "can't miss" EMAZING.
The tour is truly comprehensive and unusual - for six months, we'll take email demonstrations, full-scale promotions and our specially outfitted Hum-Vee limousine out literally city-by-city to consumers across the country.
Crossing the nation in a military-style Hum-Vee, Westwood will be collecting packaged food goods in 25 cities to benefit local food banks this holiday season.
Other FOB requirements include building restoration, explosive detection working dog services, armor plating for Hum-Vees, and computer equipment.
The remote weapon stations are being mounted on Hum-Vees and other smaller army vehicles for deployment in Iraq and are designed to acquire and engage targets in 360-degree coverage, while remaining within the protection of a moving Up-Armored vehicle.
As the containers were being loaded at one end of the ship, a steady stream of trucks, jeeps, and Hum-Vees were inching up the ramp at the ship's other end.
A convoy of four eye-catching Hum-Vees, or Hummers, "shrink-wrapped" to depict NYNEX Calling Cards, will begin rolling through New York City streets tomorrow to promote the first calling card from a major local telephone company that gives consumers the ability to get their calls through to anywhere.