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Synonyms for Hudson

a New York river

English naturalist (born in Argentina) (1841-1922)

English navigator who discovered the Hudson River


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Hudson Capital, LLC executes strategic store closings, fixed asset disposition, wholesale inventory buyouts, retail inventory and fixed asset appraisals and real estate appraisals and investing.
This is a terrific opportunity to create a larger, stronger bank that will build on the traditions of Westborough Bank and Hudson Savings Bank.
Hudson Savings Bank is a Massachusetts-chartered savings bank which is wholly-owned by Assabet Valley Bancorp, a Massachusetts-chartered mutual holding company.
Pursuant to the Agreement, the mutual holding company structure of Westborough MHC will be eliminated and Westborough Bank will ultimately merge with Hudson Savings Bank.
The Board of Directors of the combined bank will be comprised of nine current Westborough Financial directors and fifteen current Hudson Savings Bank directors.