Hubble law

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(astronomy) the generalization that the speed of recession of distant galaxies (the red shift) is proportional to their distance from the observer

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This is a change of measure considering that the Euclidean Hubble coefficient varies with time such that the Hubble law is still applicable in the Euclidean framework.
In this short thesis, I show how the Hubble law, including its non-linearity with distance, can be deduced directly from the equations of the General Theory of Relativity.
As seen, this result provides a complete theoretical ground to the linear Hubble law, empirically obtained by Edwin Hubble for small distances, and also to the non-linearity of the Hubble law observed at large distances close to the size of the Metagalaxy (the non-linearity is explained due to the exponent in our solution, which is sufficient at large r).
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