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a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range

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2005 and Howitz, 2000 was adopted for the analysis of egg samples.
The authors wish to thank Professors Paul Anderson, Matt Mitten, and Michael O'Hear for their comments on an earlier draft of this Essay, and Stephen Howitz, Michael Miner, Katie Tornberg, and Ashley Wilson for their research assistance.
49) Howitz KT, Bitterman KJ, Cohen HY, Lamming DW, Lavu S, Wood JG, Zipkin RE, Chung P, Kisielewski A, Zhang LL, Scherer B, Sinclair DA.
But, it will not be until the second quarter of next year that they will know exactly what contracts have been awarded for work on the $117 million hotel, said Stephen Howitz, President of Merchandising Associates Inc.
Howitz, "Two Ancient Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Thailand: a Report on Archaeological Investigations", Journal of the Siam Society 65, 2 (1977): 1-22.