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United States writer and editor (1837-1920)

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The faculty of attention has utterly vanished from the anglosaxon mind," lamented James, adding that he was "melted" by the Howells family's reading of The Wings of the Dove (380).
Howells has spent the last month assisting Wales coach Graham Henry in the three internationals.
Even at home, where her work has received critical acclaim by scholars of Canadian and postcolonial writing-including Howells herself, a professor of English and Canadian literature at the University of Reading-Munro has not achieved the level of popular success enjoyed by such other Canadians as Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje.
The key step preventing X-ray holography from being a useful technique was the inability to record the hologram,' says Howells, "and now we've accomplished that step with the undulator and resist.
Most recently, Howells was at Alfresco, where he was core part of the team that built it from a startup to the largest private open source company in the world and the clear leader in open source Enterprise Content Management.
TWO more trainee solicitors have completed their training contracts at Howells Solicitors taking the total of successful applicants to five over the last 18 months with a further five due to complete before the end of the year.
During their time with the firm and as part of their training, the duo have gained experience in the different departments that Howells offers.
Drug addict Bernadette Howells, 30, approached the young man late at night in central Middlesbrough when he was recovering in the fresh air after a pub crawl with pals.
Leading architect Glenn Howells and the chief executive of computer games creator Sega, Mike Hayes, have joined the board of the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Trust as non-executive directors.
AN injury-time penalty by Gareth Howells snatched victory from Cross Keys in a Premiership thriller.
Jason Howells, 33, of Balmoral Park, Chester, was sentenced for the death of Fynn Western-Davey after being found guilty of manslaughter by way of provocation.
Face of a killer Huddersfield man David Howells Wife murderer fails to pay pounds 19,000 costs
TRANSPORT Minster Kim Howells was quizzed by police after he admitted destroying documents following the death of a cabbie in the miners' strike.
The man, aged 29, was detained on Friday morning in the Dudley area and was being questioned about the death of Brian Howells, police said.
In a mystery which is worthy of being an X-File in its own right, Christopher Howells, aged 5, of Llanelli, west Wales, sang the chart-topping song word perfect.