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United States writer and editor (1837-1920)

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Sentencing him to 33 months in prison, a judge told Howells he clearly had not learned his lesson from previous convictions.
In his role, Howells will oversee all Xerox Partner Operations and work with the Account Management Team, Sales and Technical Specialists to support a Partner network of over 300 across the region.
Judge Thomas Crowther QC cut what would usually be a longer sentence to one of 28 days for Howells after hearing she was a carer for her 89-year-old mother.
But this is to misread the intention of these essays, and indeed of the book as a whole, which pointedly treats Howells as a major, not minor, artist whose music is worth examining using the analytical techniques and research methods of mainstream musicology.
The court heard Howells had purposely driven into the victims after he was told they were responsible for causing damage to his new car.
Alan Howells gave evidence for three-and-a-half hours at a hearing of the General Teaching Council for Wales yesterday, where he is accused of "unacceptable professional conduct" in dealing with the allegations.
Howells Solicitors has appointed Sarah Pomeroy, an IT expert with a proven track record of writing and adopting new software and systems for law companies.
Paul Spicer is the ideal conductor - he studied with Howells and is the composer's biographer - and the disc includes rarities and first recordings such as the anthem When first thine eies unveil.
We found that it was the long ago residence of William Dean Howells who lived there from 1873 to 1878, reflecting his substantial contribution to the development of American literature for years and years to come.
Jason Chidgey, 29, hid the body of Mark Howells upstairs in the Boot Hotel, Aberdare, after finding the regular dead in the women's toilets following a Friday night lock-in.
WHETHER you agree with his politics or not, they don't make them like former Pontypridd MP Kim Howells any more.
The native Ohioan Howells, author of a great American novel (The Rise of Silas Lapham), served as editor of The Atlantic Monthly and dean of post-Civil War American letters, but his posthumous reputation went into an eclipse whose totality occurred when Sinclair Lewis gibed in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech that Howells had "the code of a pious old maid whose greatest delight was to have tea at the vicarage.
I find it very reflective of my own life," said Howells.
IN the first part of a new series former Pontypridd MP and keen painter Kim Howells presents a fascinating look at how the resurgence of the Welsh nation around 100 years ago influenced Welsh artists.
This week 33-year-old Howells was jailed for 12 years for manslaughter by way of provocation.