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United States editor (1920-1993)


Canadian hockey player who holds the record for playing the most games (born 1928)

United States feminist who was active in the women's suffrage movement (1819-1910)

United States inventor who built early sewing machines and won suits for patent infringement against other manufacturers (including Isaac M


References in classic literature ?
Sir William Howe smiled at words which he would have answered with one of his darkest frowns had they been uttered by lips that wore a beard.
said Sir William Howe, recovering his composure--"it is the prelude to some masquerading antic.
The eyes of Sir William Howe and his guests being directed to the staircase, there appeared, on the uppermost landing-place that was discernible from the bottom, several personages descending towards the door.
muttered Sir William Howe to a gentleman beside him; "a procession of the regicide judges of King Charles the martyr?
we have nothing to fear," carelessly replied Sir William Howe.
Prithee, play the part of a chorus, good Doctor Byles," said Sir William Howe.
A tedious foolery, rather," said Sir William Howe, with an air of indifference.
Sir William Howe and his guests stood at the doors of the contiguous apartments, watching the progress of this singular pageant, with various emotions of anger, contempt, or half-acknowledged fear, but still with an anxious curiosity.
Of that be assured, young lady," answered Sir William Howe, fixing his eyes, with a very marked expression, upon the immovable visage of her grandfather.
Many eyes, by an irresistible impulse, were turned upon Sir William Howe, as if it were he whom the dreary music summoned to the funeral or departed power.
Apart from these trifling particulars, there were characteristics of gait and bearing which impelled the wondering guests to glance from the shrouded figure to Sir William Howe, as if to satisfy themselves that their host had not suddenly vanished from the midst of them.
cried Sir William Howe, fiercely, though with a quivering lip.
Max Bunster was the one white man on Lord Howe, trading in the pay of the ubiquitous Moongleam Soap Company.
Haveby sent Bunster to Lord Howe, the falling-off place.
And to Lord Howe came Mauki, to toil for Bunster for eight long years and a half.