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United States editor (1920-1993)


Canadian hockey player who holds the record for playing the most games (born 1928)

United States feminist who was active in the women's suffrage movement (1819-1910)

United States inventor who built early sewing machines and won suits for patent infringement against other manufacturers (including Isaac M


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In 1776, Howe did not begin the campaign without the arrival of reinforcements.
Howe was for many years the architectural draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright.
Kirklees magistrates ordered him to pay hurt Mr Howe compensation.
After an introduction devoted to the notion of paradox alluded to above, Howe continues to establish the parameters of the study in the first chapter.
In 2006 hardman Howe was jailed for three and half years after he launched a vicious assault on a mum after she jokingly threatened to "barbecue" Howe's bulldog if he failed to pay a PS30 debt.
Steve Howe told selectmen April 22 that the state claims that Howe Lumber failed to create nine full-time jobs that it agreed to in the TIF plan, which provided Howe Lumber with a property tax break on new construction over a 15-year period.
The 6,800-employee data miner brought Howe in from Seattle, where he was a corporate vice president for Microsoft Advertising Business Group.
Her friend, Ricky Williams, was in the next room and Howe, who had gone back downstairs, returned carrying a knife, telling Mr Williams to hand over his car keys or he would "gut him like a fish".
Howe, a professor of social work at the University of East Anglia, UK, builds on his past work regarding emerging trends in attachment theory, child maltreatment, and family support.
In spite of the high volume, NCB's co-op lending operation is amazingly lean and efficient, spearheaded by only a three member team consisting of senior vice presidents Mindy Goldstein and Sheldon Gartenstein, and managing director Edward Howe.
Miss Howe had taken on a very dangerous assignment and amassed an incredible amount of detailed information--notes, audiotapes, videotapes, drawings, diagrams, photographs, license plate numbers, names, addresses, and telephone numbers--on what would prove to be one of our country's largest known concentrations of domestic terrorists.
Winogrond took over the department on the same day that departing director Howe was feted by the City Council.
Howe, a Lakehead University researcher, has teamed with colleagues at the University of Rochester, New York, to look into the memory processes in abused and neglected children.
HOWE GELB WALKED UP to the grandest of piani and (without hesitation or thought towards orientation) emptied his pockets of all tools musical into said piani's guts: Capo, harp, the thing that goes around your neck to hold your harp (this one tool was especially responsible for fucking up the largest expanse of strings), glass slide, and other wherewithalls.
Howe Awards cognize those individuals who contribute their talents to Camping Magazine.