Howard Hughes

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United States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer

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Howard Hughes owns, manages and develops commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate in the US.
Prior to joining Howard Hughes, Baftechi worked for Forest City Ratner Companies (now Forest City Trust) and played an integral role in the construction of the Barclays Center.
Baptist beauty queen Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins) arrives in Hollywood as the latest signing of RKO film studios run by the elusive Howard Hughes (Beatty).
Since 2003, Carnival has been carrying out operations at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal using a partial area of the massive white Geodesic Dome that was the former museum housing Howard Hughes Spruce Goose attraction.
It basically ended up the way that we thought it would with Howard Hughes acquiring the land.
Otash says in his notes that when the house was wired, Monroe was not part of the plan and it was to find out what the Democrats were up to on behalf of Howard Hughes and Nixon.
And actually when she died we got a letter of condolence from the Howard Hughes Foundation.
4 that it has negotiated a contract to purchase and develop the old Howard Hughes Plantation in the country of Belize.
Real was a confidant of fellow aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, whom he met while working at Lockheed and for whom he remained an adviser until the billionaire's death in 1976.
Researchers at San Francisco General Hospital and the Howard Hughes Institute tested seven HIV protease inhibitors activity.
Martin Scorsese's long cherished biopic of Howard Hughes focuses on the early years of the compulsive-obsessive millionaire industrialist, in particular 1928 to 1947 when Hughes(DiCaprio) became famous for his romances with leading ladies Katharine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett), Ava Gardner (Kate Beckinsale) and Jean Harlow (Gwen Stefani).
Ron Hubbard (who stole Parsons' lover), physicist Robert Millikan, occult luminary Aleister Crowley, and aviatorrecluse Howard Hughes.
Few industry watchers remember, but before Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese fixed their sights on Howard Hughes, they planned to film the life of a different legend--Alexander the Great.