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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift where intelligent horses ruled the Yahoos

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Like the Brobdingnaggian King, the Houyhnhnm Master attacks the foundations of the culture Gulliver ostensibly supports.
Such apathy characterizes the rational serenity of the Houyhnhnms.
On the other hand, in the terms of that fiction, the Yahoos are, in Houyhnhnm society, not fellow creatures but a species of noxious brute, like rats or insects, whom human societies exterminate for health and security reasons without traditionally raising the specter of culpable genocide.
Claro que no siempre ocurre asi; basten como unico ejemplo los capitulos 6 y 7 del Viaje al Pais de los Houyhnhnms en los que se han suprimido cuatro paginas de critica politica y adaptado otras tantas.
Man, of course, can never be a Houyhnhnm, nor was meant to be, but the rational society of Houyhnhnmland nevertheless offers a goal of moral perfection toward which he should strive, even if--or perhaps because--he will never reach its sublime equilibrium.
This article addresses Part Iv of Gulliver's Travels as a critique of representation, exploring Gulliverian and Houyhnhnm theories of classification Gulliver's realization that he does in fact belong to the same species as the Yahoo is contrasted with the remarkable lack of species-cognition displayed by the Houyhnhnm towards their close relatives, the asses.
smitten with Pride" (242), finally returns to his family in England, he longs for the Houyhnhnm smell of horses, stables, and manure.
Questioning this view, however, Rawson points out that the Houyhnhnm culture does in fact approximate the ideal societies recommended by Plato and More.
El verdadero otro en la fantasia viajera de Swift, el supuesto animal, el caballo o Houyhnhnm, resulta un prodigio de limpieza y control corporal con relacion al visitante y los de su clase.
With respect to the objects of legislative Deliberation, the Houyhnhnm assembly inquired "into the State and Condition" of the districts and provided for any Want therein.
He requires this pathological form of pride to sustain his belief that his nature, like that of the Houyhnhnms, is constituted by reason alone; and that his will, like the Houyhnhnm will, is subject to absolute rational control.
He picked the Houyhnhnm although he had many Yahoos from which to choose.
Gulliver, it might be remembered, refers to his Houyhnhnm captor as his "master.
In shifts and starts, we lurched into Eastside Seattle, Houyhnhnm country, where the VWs began to peel off to the Bellevue exits.