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English poet (1859-1936)

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Pasta promotions also command attention Housman says that Dakota Grower Pasta Co.
It seems that Housman punished himself for his emotional failure with his beloved Jackson by committing academic suicide-though his penitential clerical job in the Patent Office paradoxically allowed him to work and live with Jackson for several more years.
Thanks to that devotion to customer satisfaction and the performance of the FONEX sales team, Housman said, FONEX was not only the top-performing VAR in terms of revenue in 2010, but it sets the standard for effective partner relations.
In Housman I recognized some of the same spirit, or lack of spirit, I reacted to so strongly in Eliot, but with other echoes and overtones.
As Housman wrote: "That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, The happy highways where I went And cannot come again.
Given Hemingway's acknowledged admiration for the poems collected in A Shropshire Lad, it is surprising that Housman has figured so little in Hemingway scholarship.
And yet, as so often with Housman, a terse reply--whether gracious or gruff--carries a flourish:' I am quite willing to write my name in your book, which I have often done even for people who have not been christened after me' (II, 34) 'Mr Thomas thanks me for "a poem", and prints two: which is the one he doesn't thank me for?
Drew Housman of Calabasas High came through for the Crimson as the junior's finger-roll layup put Harvard up by four points with 52 seconds left against Michigan on Saturday, leading to a 62-51 victory.
Junior guard Drew Housman led Harvard, which also had four players in double figures, with 19 points.
Housman as director of Real Estate, Southeast Region.
We decided that Marubeni would be a core part of that commitment," VTEC president & CEO Jeanne Housman said in an interview.
I don't think it's helpful," asserts Naomi Housman, director of the National High School Alliance.
We do not know the details of that parting, recreated in Tom Stoppard's imagination, (4) but the scene echoes through the poetry Housman wrote in his notebooks which was published after his death by his brother, Laurence.