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a party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home

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He was talking about his newly constructed house too and planned a housewarming party," Ali said.
An Arab man, whose housewarming party resulted in the death of an invitee due to drug overdose, has been sentenced to four years in jail, and slapped with a fine of Dh10,000.
If I'm having a housewarming party, then I'm making sure I hire a bouncer in case anything gets out of hand.
Preparing for our housewarming party after the Summit on Saturday afternoon, September 21, will be a terrific incentive for getting everything in place.
Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev make a one-night-only, megawatt guest-star turn in Ratmansky's Flames of Paris, which has been sold out for months--a housewarming party of sorts for Osipova, who joins The Royal Ballet as a principal dancer for the upcoming season.
Rogen and his famous friends poke fun at themselves during a hellish holocaust that turns Franco's housewarming party into, as the guests might say, a real bummer.
Actors Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jay Baruchel, playing themselves, are at a housewarming party just as the world comes to an end.
On a happier note, there's love in the air for Tom and Natalie at their housewarming party, and the couple make a big announcement.
The housewarming party was to mark The Wanted's big arrival in LA.
Kate plans a housewarming party, which has been pushed back until she has fully recovered.
After snogging Nikita during their drunken housewarming party, he went to tell his loverival Phil Penny that he would "f***ing kill him" if their tongues met again on a night out.
Whether it's an over-the-top fantasy wedding, a Vegas-themed birthday bash or a Hollywood-inspired housewarming party, Dina will transform any space into something breathtakingly beautiful and unique.
Ryan and Andy start the clean-up operation following the previous night's housewarming party.
Winning owner Michael Pescod was missing as he was making lastminute arrangements for a housewarming party today in Dorset.