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In a bid to gain official government recognition for Alevi houses of worship, president of the prominent Alevi civil society group, Cem Foundation, yzzettin Doy-an applied in 2010 to the ECtHR, seeking help to end "decades of official discrimination" against the 6-12 million-strong minority community.
Remember, were talking here about houses of worship addressing political issues, and there's a long history of that in the United States.
Combining unparalleled image quality and low cost of ownership, Christie M Series provides incomparable results in houses of worship.
If its surroundings are any indication, though, this densely populated neighborhood will always have a need for houses of worship and gathering places, though this one is rather small for a city congregation.
He said that the issue represented a top priority in the Ministry's work and was being carried out in coordination with the Ja'afari Endowment, in line with the Royal directives embedded in BCCI's recommendations, affirming keenness to rebuild those houses of worship and rectify their legal situation, within a legal framework that preserved the sanctity and status of houses of worship.
The last in a series of eight continental Houses of Worship is under construction in Santiago, Chile.
10-Person Translation System / US: Assistive Listening System with Economy Transmitter - ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, courtrooms, and auditoriums.
Youth Bishop Moussa of the Orthodox Church submitted a memo to the SCAF and the Cabinet Saturday calling for making nine modifications in the draft law, including decreasing the required space for a worship house from 1000 square meters to only 200 square meters, canceling the article that bans the building of small houses of worship, and reducing the punishment for whoever violates the building permit requirements from a prison sentence to only a fine.
A few houses of worship could be funded at less than $20,000 based on the applicant's request for a smaller award amount, or documentation that shows that insurance payments and/or donations cover substantially all of the repair costs or unique considerations.
Under the Internal Revenue Service tax code, contributions to political candidates by nonprofits -- including houses of worship -- violate a prohibition against political campaign activity, which includes a ban on endorsing a candidate in an active election.
Gravesend is a good central location within Brooklyn and has a good supply of recreational facilities, shopping, transportation and houses of worship.
Both the new magazine and integrated web site cover all aspects of production and post-production equipment and technology for entertainment, advertising, business and news markets, from digital cinema to digital signage, as well as emerging niche markets such as education and houses of worship.
Over 40 Catholic and Protestant houses of worship, mostly in West Java, have been burned down by Muslim extremists, or closed by local authorities, during 2005, usually in response to complaints from Muslim hard-liners about the presence and activities of Christians.
Insurance will help rebuild many houses of worship damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita--but at significant cost to individual churches.
Corporations, educational institutions, houses of worship and other large organizations will especially appreciate the multi-functionality and premium display features of the TDP-TW300U," said Alex Ijuin, assistant general manager for Toshiba DPD's Projector Business Unit of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.