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the parliament of the Irish Republic

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The Acting Clerk of the Dail has already instigated a process of investigation which is a separate process from the Banking Inquiry and will be conducted by the Houses of the Oireachtas Service and the Office of the Acting Clerk of the Dail.
Mr Noonan said the review was being undertaken "in light of the recent concerns raised before the Houses of the Oireachtas and elsewhere regarding the IBRC's handling of the SiteServ transaction and the public discourse this has caused regarding other transactions undertaken by IBRC.
I can forgive it not being ready before the next session, but it must be published and gone through both Houses of the Oireachtas, and a clear revenue stream resolved, before the commencement of 2011.
In the latest example of wasted spending, the extravagantly titled Houses of the Oireachtas Commission wants a new chauffeur service for visiting dignitaries.
The Houses of the Oireachtas refused to disclose details of her earnings under the Freedom of Information act, saying such records are "confidential and personal".
Neilan said he was heartened by a recent cross-party meeting of members of the houses of the Oireachtas [Irish Parliament], where "there was unanimous support for our industry.
Indeed when he made history on November 26th, 1998 when he became the first British premier to address both houses of the Oireachtas, he paid tribute to his Irish mother and also recalled his Orangeman grandfather.
Tenders are invited for the supply and installation of custom made carpets to the houses of the oireachtas, leinster house, kildare street, dublin 2.
Appointments must satisfy criteria set by the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission.
THEY look and sound like they are living on planet Mongo most of the time, but the joint houses of the Oireachtas might have thought they were on another planet this week.
Tenders are invited for the supply and fitting of carpet to the houses of the oireachtas, leinster house, kildare street, dublin 2.
Ms Mulherin said: "To my amazement I am identified and so is a third party private individual based on information furnished by the Houses of the Oireachtas Service.
Implementing agency : Houses of the Oireachtas Service
A spokeswoman said: "The Oireachtas restaurant has availed of a service, at no extra cost, provided by the suppliers of the restaurant house wine to replace the label on our existing wine to one tailored for the Houses of the Oireachtas.