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teacher in charge of a school boardinghouse

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They have also been introduced to the magic school rules by no-nonsense housemistress Miss Ford, and witnessed the mysteries of magic first hand.
At 22 Alex was violently raped at knifepoint whilst working as an Assistant Housemistress at a Kent girls' boarding school.
Girls were supervised by the housemistress but still staged pillow fights or played "dares" such as creeping down at night to knock on the headmistress's bedroom door.
When, however, she seems to indicate that there was a transformation of the social and religious framework within which women functioned, in which the "Vedic housemistress .
Retired housemistress JAN MORGAN, 52, of Taffs Well, South Wales, said: "Killing them brings us down to their level.
Her former housemistress Jessie Sheeler spoke to Sophie about her problems in several heart-to-heart chats.
Miss Maclean, who lives with her sister Christina, 93, is a former housemistress at Perth's Balnacraig School and nurse at the city's Murray Royal.
Mr Lidgey, a former Bedworth Urban District and Warwick-shire councillor, said: "We were housemaster and housemistress of Lower House - and Rita said that as we shared a 'house', we might as well get married.
A former housemistress at Balnacraig School, Perth, she lives with her sister Christina, 93, who was admitted to hospital just before her disappearance.
Housemistress Lynne Webber said, 'It is great to have that connection with someone from our locality who will make sure that the gifts are given to children who really need a little sunshine in their lives.
The photographs of Miss Grewcott, who is also a housemistress, are alleged to have been taken by an ex-boyfriend.
Her housemistress, Miss Jane Hamblett-Jahn, told the inquest that Yolanda had taken to drinking occasionally to boost her confidence.
They had lived with him in Riyadh until last year when his wife got a job as a housemistress in Llandovery College.