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conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein

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Many housekeeping genes do show different expression patterns under different experimental conditions and the influence of physical exercise on housekeeping gene expression is not well studied (Jemiolo and Trappe, 2004; Mahoney et al.
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Representative amplification curves of the quantitative real-time PCR for SOD2 and the housekeeping gene beta-actin in hemodialysis patients (HD, circles), patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD, squares), and control subjects (healthy; triangles).
The relative p53-like gene expression was evaluated using 18S rRNA as a housekeeping gene.
ACTIN, a housekeeping gene with expression unchanged during THH treatment, was chosen to serve as a control.
The [DELTA][DELTA]CT method was used to determine the fold change in mRNA expression relative to the housekeeping gene, ribosomal protein, large, P0.
jejuni housekeeping gene, gltA, was used as a positive control.
Both assays normalize target gene expression to a single housekeeping gene.
Within a single array, the variability of housekeeping gene expression was estimated to be between 8.
For each sample, the quality of DNA extraction was verified by real-time PCR for a housekeeping gene encoding p-actin (7).
In all PCRs, a housekeeping gene (GAPDH) was used to monitor genomic DNA contamination and equality of sample loading.
We investigated cDNA quality and quantity in all samples by measuring the mRNA expression of the housekeeping gene cyclophilin A with the cyclophilin A TagMan[R] Endogenous Control reagent set (Applied Biosystems), according to the manufacturer's instructions.