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The future for House of Windsor plc seems to be as figureheads for the unpaid and unsung voluntary workers.
Because of princely prats like Edward, we have lost a great deal of goodwill for the House of Windsor.
One, the House of Windsor, remained remote, unbending, unable to understand popular feeling or communicate their own emotions - if they had any.
She's brought back the beauty and the glamour that's been missing from the House of Windsor since Diana died.
and tipped to up support House of have become as dutiful Just a shortish international royal progress behind them and William and Kate, tipped to drum up Queen support for the House of Windsor, have become as boringly dutiful as the Queen, known for her "And where have YOU come from today?
George has become the poster baby for the House of Windsor.
5million concept mansion called The House of Windsor in the upmarket Brentwood district of Los Angeles.
1917:Amid anti-German feeling in World War I, the British Royal Family adopted the name House of Windsor in place of House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
Here, Fiona Bruce and the team set up camp at Kensington Palace in central London, where all the visitors have had encounters with members of the House of Windsor - and are more than willing to share them with viewers.
Also, it's a chance to catch a glimpse into the future of the House of Windsor.
THEY mark the great historic moments of the House of Windsor - and a football match.
The Kings and Queens series, which has shown the 600-year royal journey over the past four years, will conclude with the launch of House of Windsor and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha stamps, the spokesman said.
00pm The monarch faces increasing challenges during the annus horribilis 1992, including the devastating fire at Windsor Castle and a surge in tabloid criticism which signalled the end of the age of deference toward the House of Windsor.
What was the name of the House of Windsor prior to 1917, and why was it changed?
announces today that it has acquired assets of the complete cigar lines of the House of Windsor of Yoe, Pennsylvania.