House of War

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areas where Muslims are in the minority and are persecuted

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Together, these factors extend the life and effectiveness of the organization that has expanded its House of War vision to other Muslim countries that do not bear allegiance to its putative caliphate.
If there is one demanding book that you choose to read over the coming months, I urge that it be House of War.
Nowhere in House of War is there even a hint that, notwithstanding the considerable imperfections of American statecraft since Pearl Harbor, the rise of American power was anything other than, to cite the book's subtitle, "disastrous.
House of War is a failed, 657-page attempt to exorcize the Pentagon of what Carroll believes to be the inherent evil of US military power.
House of War documents and challenges the 60-plus years of this country's nuclear weapons buildup.
Twenty-two years ago James Carroll's best-selling novel Prince of Peace made its debut; this year his nonfiction book House of War was published.
Replacing the house of war with the Prince of Peace depends on all of us.
The upshot of innumerable but unequal encounters such as this was that the House of War conquered and occupied most of the House of Islam.
In 1896, a mosque was built in Britain, in the town of Woking, the first ever in the Christian House of War.
World War II altered the relationship between the House of Islam and the House of War out of all recognition.
This wave of violence finally engulfed Muslims who found themselves in the House of War.
Through the 1990s, Islamist groups assiduously worked towards armed militancy, whether in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, or Palestine, while also building cells and means of finance in preparation for operational openings in the House of War.
Choose the martial drumbeat of the house of war, but Rule the human nation with an iron fist These striplings are the most dangerous of all nations.