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House of Tudor Tea is imported from Sri Lanka, the area known for producing the finest tea in the world and is exclusively distributed by Aveem Group in the UAE.
They gave rise to the Royal dynasty of the House of Tudor.
In representing Elizabeth and her father as "faery" sovereigns, Spenser portrayed their rule as "the return, through the Welsh house of Tudor, of the old British line to the throne of England, now long occupied by strangers.
1485: Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field and the House of Tudor took over the throne as Henry VII became king.
His grandfather, Owen Tudur, came from Anglesey, and Henry became the first monarch of the House of Tudor.
His death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 was a key moment in our history as it marked the end of the Wars of the Roses and the beginning of the reign of the House of Tudor.
HENRY VII was due to "visit" Caerphilly Castle today to launch the Royal Mail's latest set of House of Tudor commemorative stamps.
Liz Yems and Ian Grange, of Kirklees Council's museums and galleries department, donned period costume to showcase the House of Tudor stamps.
Mythical creatures will be on a set to be published in June, post boxes will be featured in August, the fire service and Royal Navy uniforms in September, the House of Tudor in April, eminent Britons in October and industrial pioneers in March.
of Wales, Bangor) continues with the major dynastic disruption of the end of the house of Tudor and the inception of the Stuart era and its consequent shift in patterns of patronage and in dominant religious and political ideologies.
Those historic links with the House of Tudor came to an end in 1974 when the boundaries were re- drawn.
From their eventual union sprang the great House of Tudor, bringing Welsh blood into the English royal line with spectacular effect.
A lovingly and imaginativelyrestored house of Tudor origin, with an interesting past, has come onto the market through Andrew Grant.
Wales will be celebrated in February, pioneers of the industrial revolution in March, the House of Tudor in April, plants in May, mythical creatures in June, post boxes will be featured in August, the fire service and Royal Navy uniforms in September and eminent Britons in October.
Meanwhile, Professor Stead said the history of the House of Tudor often unfairly overshadowed important aspects of Wales' past.