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lights that illuminate the audience's part of a theater or other auditorium

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In a video, ROP instructed residents and citizens to keep some of their house lights on when going outside and to inform a neighbor to check on the house.
Realtors from Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties joined together to raise the funds and were on hand at the Ronald McDonald House Lights of Love celebration during the holiday season to commemorate the donation.
The night got weird when Shandling and Romano turned up the house lights and took questions from the crowd.
These include turning on all the house lights to creat the impression that there is plenty of natural light' removing the internal doors to make the rooms appear bigger' using fitted furniture which is only half the width of stahdard furniture and even using smaller proportioned children's furniture.
Most of us are surrounded by light all the time: street lights, stop lights, house lights, lights in tall office buildings--even late at night, we are hardly ever "in the dark.
Like Lone Twin, Linyekula shared the pre-performance time with the audience, pacing and measuring the stage with the house lights up.
Dante, resplendent in crimson suit and black Cuban heel boots, demanded the house lights in the darkened tent be turned up so he could see the crowd.
Blackout blinds could be taken down but curtains had to be closed when house lights were switched on.
Finally, after only a few seconds, which felt like an hour, the maestro cut us off: The house lights came up, and we looked out and smiled, as the audience was asked to get up and move toward the aisles to leave the building.
In 1992 JCI became involved in keyless entry, radio frequency-based technology that led to the HomeLink garage door opening system (which has been subsequently expanded to being capable of turning on house lights to turning the cylinder on a deadbolt door lock) in '95.
The applause was caused by this: The house lights dimmed.
as the house lights go off-white-to-yellow, black - everyone partners
The movie's heart is so clearly emblazoned on its sleeve that sophisticated lesbian and gay viewers may suffer guilt pangs if they find themselves shifting in their seats, rolling their eyes, or waiting politely for the house lights to go on before bolting up the aisle.
And if streetlights and house lights are too near to the beach, they can confuse the baby turtles.