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common fly that frequents human habitations and spreads many diseases

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Failure of Hydrotaea aenescens, a larval predator of the house fly, Musca domestica (L.
The house fly is often considered merely a nuisance.
This could be attributed to seasonal influences and overall population numbers but could also be due to house fly behavior and physiology (they may land on the outside of the trap before entering and receive a lethal dose of imidacloprid before entering the trap itself).
Seasonal and spatial activity of hymenopterous pupal parasitoids (Pteromalidae and Ichneumonidae) of the house fly (Diptera:Muscidae) on Danish pig and cattle farms.
Then there is a fly, which looks something like our house fly.
Genetic diversity at electrophoretic loci in the house fly, Musca domestica L.
A team of scientists and volunteers made a life-size house fly with balloons, just like in the movie Up
fizzled in the unexpected storm that made the front of the house fly up
BY Powered by thousands of balloons, Carl and his house fly off to the jungle paradise that he and Ellie always talked about visiting.
Washington, July 30 (ANI): In an effort to extend the sensory range of 'electronic noses' (e-noses), scientists from CSIRO's Food Futures Flagship have developed a system that would help compare their performance against the much-superior nose of the common house fly.
A relative of the house fly, friendly flies are so named because they like to land on people; they don't bite, and they stay unless brushed off.
Dispersal pattern of the house fly affected sanitations and weather in rural Maryland.