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a loud warning signal produced by a burglar alarm

a warning device that is tripped off by the occurrence of a burglary

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Moments later the policemen heard a house alarm go off, the chief said.
Nothing was taken as it appears the intruders were disturbed by the house alarm, but the owners were still left with the distress and inconvenience of having to clear up broken glass and making their home secure again.
These assets include the clock system, intrusion and hold-up alarm, house alarm system, video surveillance equipment and a multi-functional data network with fiber optic backbone.
Suspect smashed double-glazed unit in upvc kitchen window and reached through and released handle gaining entry to the house, activating the house alarm in the process.
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Use a house alarm if you have one To contact me or join our community messaging please contact me on 0151 777 5353 or email Ward.
This week, my mother has been driven demented by a house alarm going off beside her.
A neighbor on Saddle Tree Drive said Monday the house on the 31600 block had been empty for several months before a family recently moved in, but the house alarm had gone off during the vacancy.
Alarms I usually have a sketchy memory, but I can recall in vivid detail every single time I've been woken up by a smoke or house alarm and for each one I can feel a frown line or grey hair waiting under my baby soft skin to come forth in later life.
She loves heights and one morning she was on top of the fridge and set the house alarm off.
50pm, offenders forced the rear door of a house at Benfield Road in Heaton and made off after being disturbed, possible by the house alarm.
Dramatically uneven but sometimes wildly funny, God Bless America is for anyone who believes their neighbours' house alarm is like ''some kind of nocturnal civil defence air raid siren that goes off every night like it's Pearl Harbour''.
Barnes Hill Road, house alarm went off, the basement door was open and unlocked even though the owner said he had locked it.
ShelaghPreston, aged 58,who lives round the corner, said: "I heard the house alarm and thought nothing of it but then I heard the sirens going off and it got louder and louder.
Officers went to investigate a house alarm at an address in Boode Croft when they found the pounds 95,000 stash.