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a loud warning signal produced by a burglar alarm

a warning device that is tripped off by the occurrence of a burglary

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The sharp decline in domestic burglary in recent years is put down to preventive measures such as house alarm ownership (which increased from 8% in 1992 to 14% in 2000), keeping a light on when leaving the house, extra locks on doors and windows, and more outside lighting.
26 her house alarm went off, and when she went to disarm it she was approached by a man with a hammer.
TelEvoke bundles web, telephony, wireless, and billing services that notify subscribers about occurrences such as a ringing car or house alarm, or a commercial website crash.
The general electrotechnical installation is upgraded and in addition a safety lighting system and a fire alarm system as a house alarm system built.
It put our electric off and set the car and house alarm off.
He forwarded the pictures to police - and he was able to phone the house alarm and hear movement, Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday.
Barnes Hill Road, house alarm went off, the basement door was open and unlocked even though the owner said he had locked it.
Use a house alarm if you have one To contact me or join our community messaging please contact me on 0151 777 5353 or email Ward.
Dramatically uneven but sometimes wildly funny, God Bless America is for anyone who believes their neighbours' house alarm is like ''some kind of nocturnal civil defence air raid siren that goes off every night like it's Pearl Harbour''.
She loves heights and one morning she was on top of the fridge and set the house alarm off.
The result is a blood-pool of the devious, the suspenseful and the downright terrifying that will keep the pages flicking long after you should have set the house alarm, checked under the bed, installed a panic button and turned out the light.
Environmental health officers in the Vale of Glamorgan are urging anyone in the county with a house alarm to join a new register listing details of keyholders.
For most of us, the duties of being a husband are generally limited to the following: carving a Thanksgiving turkey once a year (until we cut ourselves and are then replaced), trying (and failing) to fix a few things now and again, and always running, usually naked, downstairs with a baseball bat in the middle of the night when the house alarm goes off.
House alarm system with 150 smoke detectors, 2 200 st.
A MAN who tried to take pictures of raiders who had set off a neighbour's house alarm in Fixby was attacked and had his face stamped on.