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any of the Khoisan languages spoken by the pastoral people of Namibia and South Africa

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The first two chapters are largely devoted to a poignant and extensively illustrated account of Sartjee Baartman, the infamous Hottentot Venus, who "gained some notoriety in London in 1810 to 1811 as a popular performer" (36) and was immortalized in English and French caricature portraits.
Early African Entertainments Abroad: From the Hottentot Venus to Africa's First Olympians
Olsen explores the storytelling techniques used to bring attention to the abuse experienced by the South African woman, Sara Baartman, also known as the Venus Hottentot (as Olsen explains the derogatory term Hottentot was used by the Dutch to name the Khoisan people), and Congo women survivors of two civil wars.
He didn't know "henceforth" from a Hottentot, but he understood.
While invoking a range of plays, I compare Getting Mother's Body (hereafter GMB) primarily to Venus (1996), Parks's controversial exploration of Saartjie Baartman, the Khoisan woman from southern Africa with a large posterior who was sold to freak shows and displayed in 1810's London and Paris as "the Venus Hottentot.
I am no more of an Englishman than Mr Cameron is a Hottentot, or Miliband is an Eskimo.
Husband No 3 duly arrived and departed, murdered by a Hottentot tribesman.
1989, 'From Khoekhoe Foreignertalk via Hottentot Dutch to Afrikaans: The Creation of a Novel Grammar', in M.
London, February 21 ( ANI ): Female Hottentot golden moles use the size of male golden moles' penises to gauge the attractiveness of their mate, scientists have discovered.
Essays examine Zakes Mda's Cion, Toni Morrison's Beloved and A Mercy, Gloria Naylor's Mama Day, Michelle Cliff's Abeng, David Bradley's The Chaneysville Incident, Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber, Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men, Barbara Chase-Riboud's Hottentot Venus, Kyle Baker's Nat Turner, the films A Time to Kill and Amistad, the use of slavery by African American comedians (especially Dave Chappelle), machines-as-slaves/slaves-as-machines in films like Blade Runner and I, Robot, and slaves' cabins that are part of the National Register of Historic Places.
These images evoke a variety of negative feelings, perceptions and insecurities about how society views the Black female body, "this presentation of the unfeminine black female body as grotesque links back to the spectacle of the Hottentot Venus, whose body is presented not in terms of this hyper-muscularity but in terms of hyper-sexuality, or excessive femininity through emphasis on her supposedly prominent buttocks" (Hobson 13).
El caso de la Venus Hottentot, que confronto a Europa, especialmente a Francia, con Africa, es muy elocuente en este orden.
Louis Smith is not the Hottentot Venus (18) and we have, hopefully, moved forward as a society from such gross and primitive displays.
The most famous spot is Suicide Gorge in the Hottentot mountains outside Cape Town - just don't let the name put you off