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a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above

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It is one of the 14 hotsprings that have been modernised in the volcanic areas of the riftvalley, such projects continue impacting positively on communities that would otherwise have no or limited acess to water.
Hotsprings has also included a toolbar button with the software that lets its users install a 90-day free trial of the Securiphone IP communications tool.
In Kermi there are natural hotsprings where people go to bathe and wash their clothes regularly.
For something a bit different try the Japanese Hotsprings Bathing Kit priced pounds 10.
Japanese Hotsprings, a new line based on the ancient art of bathing, was inspired by Japan's volcanic geology and mineral-rich hot springs.
Nik Miles, sales manager for Hotsprings which has been affected by the garden centre fire
In Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, check into a renovated room at Blackstone Hotsprings Lodging & Baths (from $75; blackstonehotsprings.
But with manga, you'll have a story about a boy who inherits his grandma's hotsprings spa that has been converted, unknown to him, into a girls dorm.
Further work to evaluate the large scale hotsprings type gold- silver system on this property is planned for 1997.
For the third day running, powerful tremors rocked the usually serene hotsprings resort at the base of the volcano.