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Serve the hotcakes topped with fruit and yogurt, drizzled with a little extra maple syrup or honey.
As long as the smartphone boom continues, Qualcomm's business should benefit -- and smartphones are still selling like hotcakes in the U.
Dubai: The new iPhones are selling like hotcakes on the grey market where they are reportedly fetching around three times the original price.
Antipolo City, Rizal -- The Pope John Paul II fever has reached this part of the province as an array of memorabilia, from rosaries and key chains to novena prayers and bracelets are now selling like hotcakes at the souvenir shop of the National Shrine of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.
New York, April 9 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue issue is reportedly selling like hotcakes despite all the criticism, making it on par with top-selling issues featuring Beyonce and Michelle Obama.
HOTCAKES nAll-Ireland buns on sale in Dail yesterday
She who hesitates doesn't get any Esbeda 'Exotic Neutrals' because these promise to sell like hotcakes in the growing fashion conscious populace
It was the Florida debut of Douglas David Cottage's water-ski furniture line, which creator Douglas David has been selling like hotcakes for five years in the lake resort towns of northern Michigan and Wisconsin.
The Oil Ministry said bonds at that rate sold like hotcakes and that the ministry actually issued more bonds than planned to take advantage of their popularity.
Tickets go on sale on Monday February 27 and no doubt the 22,000 tickets that will be made available will be hotter than hotcakes.
Greenhouse grown tomatoes can't stand up to the competition of a ripe heirloom, but when everyone still has only tiny green rocks on their plants at home, they sell like hotcakes.
With the current shortfall of electricity which is around 3,000mw, it is envision of traders that UPS and electricity generators will sale like hotcakes in the coming months.
Products with best before dates as long ago as autumn 2009 are going like hotcakes, bosses at home delivery website bigbrandsforless.
Snow-sports gear is selling like hotcakes after a down year, and manufacturers massed in Denver in late January to strut their latest stuff.
The company has also offered discounts and complimentary hotcakes, Peach Iced Tea, and Bob Evans grocery product coupons which will be delivered monthly in BEmail inboxes.