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Synonyms for hostile

Synonyms for hostile

of or engaged in warfare

inclined to act in a hostile way

feeling or showing unfriendliness

Synonyms for hostile

troops belonging to the enemy's military forces

characterized by enmity or ill will

not belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally


impossible to bring into friendly accord

very unfavorable to life or growth

unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business)

References in classic literature ?
Nabis,[*] Prince of the Spartans, sustained the attack of all Greece, and of a victorious Roman army, and against them he defended his country and his government; and for the overcoming of this peril it was only necessary for him to make himself secure against a few, but this would not have been sufficient had the people been hostile.
If Crooks and M'Lellan had been exasperated by the insolent conduct of the Sioux Tetons, and the loss which it had occasioned, those freebooters had been no less indignant at being outwitted by the white men, and disappointed of their anticipated gains, and it was apprehended they would be particularly hostile against the present expedition, when they should learn that these gentlemen were engaged in it.
Yes, but it's a secret society and therefore a hostile and harmful one which can only cause harm.
The appearance of the hostile band spared him, however, so desperate and probably so fruitless an effort, and left him to pursue his observations, and to mature his plans more at leisure.
We cannot but remark that both in this affair and that of Pierre's Hole the affray commenced by a hostile act on the part of white men at the moment when the Indian warrior was extending the hand of amity.
To keep one's feet in the midst of the hostile mass meant life, and this he learnt well.
The raising of this question by a hostile department was in Alexey Alexandrovitch's opinion a dishonorable proceeding, seeing that in every department there were things similar and worse, which no one inquired into, for well-known reasons of official etiquette.
By day Grazing their jaded steeds, by night they ford The hostile stream.
I say adversaries, for on recalling such proud memories we should avoid the word "enemies," whose hostile sound perpetuates the antagonisms and strife of nations, so irremediable perhaps, so fateful - and also so vain.
Its last Lord it here seeketh: hostile will it be to him, and to its last God; for victory will it struggle with the great dragon.