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robust east Asian clump-forming perennial herbs having racemose flowers: plantain lilies

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well, doing something over the hostas that he would find easier to do than I would.
We used to use several venerable plants of Hosta Halcyon in our displays at the Chelsea Flower Show.
For Proctor, the garden of the late Betty Tetreault, a hosta expert who became a trusted friend and mentor, opened her eyes.
With Talend, Hosta is able to deploy a Customer Data Integration (CDI) hub and consolidate policy holder information in a single reference record.
Hostas like moist, fertile soil in shade, but when you plant them, put eggshells or sharp grit around the plants to seal in the moisture and deter the slugs and snails.
An amazing hosta with large pure white lush leaves in late spring/early summer.
More shrubs can be found in the back garden, along with Pat's beloved hosta collection.
Hosta I know the slugs and snails love them, but these wonderful, exotic-leaved plants really add a touch of magic to the border.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT - HOSTA GREENS IF YOU think that only slugs can eat your hostas, think again, because if you like sushi you'll probably like to add a few hosta leaves to it.
Hosta Sieboldiana Francis Williams, one of my favourites, has subtle variegation and bold crisp leaves without the brash celebrity craving that so many of the newer cultivars display.
If you want to maintain the volume of the main clump of your hosta rather than making several new, evenly-sized pieces, treat it like a cake and cut out one or two slices before returning the mother clump to the soil.
The hosta Andy Murray has white and blue-tinged foliage with a line of gold to represent his Olympic medal.
This guide provides a complete encyclopedia of more than 170 hosta species, as well as a full discourse on how hostas can be integrated into a yard, garden, or border.
Twenty-seven thousand teeth could be munching their way through your favourite hosta at this very moment.