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Belgian architect and leader in art nouveau architecture (1861-1947)


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So it would have seemed to one who knew Horta even slightly and Tarzan not at all.
For a moment Horta stood motionless facing the ape-man.
A quick leap carried him from the zone of the creature's death throes, and a moment later the hot and dripping heart of Horta was in his grasp.
There was a frightened grunt, a squeal, and then Numa saw his quarry dragged backward up the trail, and, as he sprang, Horta, the boar, soared upward beyond his clutches into the tree above, and a mocking face looked down and laughed into his own.
And in the meantime Tarzan had dragged the struggling Horta to the limb beside him.
Afterward he returned to his cabin, and breakfasted off the flesh of Horta.
The unarmed and dog-free guarding of the part of the horta building where the onss is housed.
Andrew Bester, head of commercial and one of those strongly tipped as a possible replacement for CEO, Antonio Horta Osorio, has left the bank.
Youngster Danny Horta, 21, splits his time between basketball practice and studying astrophysics at Northumbria University.
NEWCASTLE Eagles have confirmed Danny Horta Darrington will return to their roster for the coming season.
UNITED NATIONS: East Timor's Nobel Peace Prize-winning president, Jose Ramos Horta, on Saturday accused Iran's outspoken leader of speaking "obscenities" when he evoked US government involvement in the September 11 attacks.
In the early 1760s, a local physician named Pedro de Horta paid a special visit to the convent of San Jeronimo in Puebla, Mexico, at the request of the mother superior, madre Alejandra Beatriz de los Dolores.
East Timor's President Jose Ramos- Horta is slowly being returned to consciousness by doctors who have kept him sedated since he was shot in an assassination attempt.
When vet documentary director Tom Zubrycki and his team commenced filming this portrait of East Timorese independence leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jose Ramos Horta two years ago, they could not have anticipated the dramatic events that shape and energize their film.