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an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses

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A horse-drawn tram on Hayes Bridge Road, around 1900 | A horse-drawn tram on Hayes Bridge Road, around 1900
The first horse-drawn tram plodded into service in 1872, operating between Hockley Brook and Dudley Port, and for the next ten years the horses had the 4ft 8'in gauge to themselves.
Roy has also sent us this photograph of a horse-drawn tram in Middlesbrough, but has no further details.
4 RIDE the electric and steam railways and horse-drawn tram at Douglas.
You can get a horse-drawn tram from the end near the harbour, passing the casino, all the way to the Manx Electric Railway at the other end.
Presumably the remains of a horse-drawn tram, it had traces of green paint and the windows were intact.
The standard reference book Cardiff's Electric Tramways by David Gould makes no mention of any track in Lucas Street, but he does mention that Cardiff Tramways Company opened its horse-drawn tram route from St John's Square to Cathays (via Queen Street, Salisbury Road and Woodville Road) in December 1886, and a little internet research reveals that this line actually finished at a depot (and, presumably, stables) in Lucas Street.
only working horse-drawn tram in the museum plied the streets of Sheffield until 1902.
Teddy Brown is seen driving the horse-drawn tram at Newport Landing in 1896.
Prostitution is something which, like the horse-drawn tram and the workhouse, should have died away because there was no use for it in a modern and civilised society.
It was 1900 and electrically-propelled vehicles were taking over from the traditional horse-drawn tram cars while electric light was superseding gas.
Above: This is the horse-drawn tram which used to run to Llanbedrog, four miles from Pwllheli, pictured on July 12, 1927.
Step back in time on old-fashioned steam trains, electric and horse-drawn tram cars and unspoiled, uncrowded beaches.
Above, a horse-drawn tram at the junction of Mill Lane and |St Mary Street, with the Terminus Hotel on the left, around 1914.