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an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses

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CORNERED: Two trams negotiate the Horseshoe Curve at the Pier Head, Liverpool; and, inset, right, horse-drawn tram made in Birkenhead
Roy has also sent us this photograph of a horse-drawn tram in Middlesbrough, but has no further details.
4 RIDE the electric and steam railways and horse-drawn tram at Douglas.
You can get a horse-drawn tram from the end near the harbour, passing the casino, all the way to the Manx Electric Railway at the other end.
A old horse-drawn tram outside CardiffCastle in the 1900s
Teddy Brown is seen driving the horse-drawn tram at Newport Landing in 1896.
Prostitution is something which, like the horse-drawn tram and the workhouse, should have died away because there was no use for it in a modern and civilised society.
Above: This is the horse-drawn tram which used to run to Llanbedrog, four miles from Pwllheli, pictured on July 12, 1927.
Step back in time on old-fashioned steam trains, electric and horse-drawn tram cars and unspoiled, uncrowded beaches.
Just to complete our travelling marathon, we overdosed on a few more trips on the horse-drawn tram that delivers you to shops and entertainment in Douglas.
It all started in 1859 when dock railway lines were used for a horse-drawn tram.
Its produce was transported to Cardiff, initially on pack horses and by canal, then by horse-drawn tram to Abercynon, to meet up with the Glamorganshire Canal.
It's 1967 and this Victorian horse-drawn tram is about to make its first journey through the streets of Cardiff since it was taken off the lines 60 years previous.
Much of that Victorian charm has remained, with grand buildings such as the Gaiety Theatre and the horse-drawn trams that still plod up and down the prom.