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Synonyms for horseshoe

game equipment consisting of an open ring of iron used in playing horseshoes

Related Words

U-shaped plate nailed to underside of horse's hoof


Related Words

equip (a horse) with a horseshoe or horseshoes

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VILLAGE LIFE: Horse Shoe Inn, above left, and St John the Baptist Church, above right, in Levisham PICTURESQUE: A stunning view of Newton Dale and Levisham Station
The Sunday Mail Pub of the Year: The Horse Shoe Bar, Glasgow.
A friend of the singer who accompanied him to the Horse Shoe Bar said: "I've known him since he was 15.
Horse Shoe manager Dave Smith attacked reports that the police officers had been singing sectarian songs.
Now, if your idea of a night out at a city centre bar in Glasgow is standing in a theme pub, paying four quid for a lager surrounded by posers in designer labels, the Horse Shoe is not for you.
Elsewhere, members have voted The John Bull, in Alnwick, as North Northumberland pub of the year, The Three Horse Shoes, in High Horton as South East Northumberland pub of the year, and the Boat House, in Wylam, as South West Northumberland pub of the year.
Experts have reportedly predicted that the thoroughbreds can race down the track like super-charged rockets if the new shoes, made of 3D printing titanium, are widely adopted as they should weigh 50 per cent less than standard-cast aluminium horse shoes, which weigh about one kilogram each.
Learn to Trim horses (ez money) & learn to apply horse shoes & earn XTRA$$.
THE Tamworth Sports Bar League had their Charity Cup and Doubles Knockout on the fixture card recently and in the former the final was contested by Sports Bar 180 and Three Horse Shoes.
Mirhejazi told 7DAYS: "When you ride a horse, it encounters falling, whipping, pulling on the bit, horse shoes and tiredness.
These are vary rare finds as the horse shoes of today have calks fitted on them of various shapes and sizes for weather and terrain situations.
Q WHY are public houses often called The Three Horse Shoes when horses always have four?
The vicar, 38, will forsake the pulpit for one night only by taking centre stage in the nearby Four Horse Shoes in Wellington Street.
I thought it was time for them to learn about social activism,'' he said as he pulled rusted nails from old horse shoes.