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a medicinal liquid that is rubbed into the skin to relieve muscular stiffness and pain


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Nonetheless, I slapped on the horse liniment and indulged in my pre-race mental visualisation technique.
Hilts quotes a sarcastic article from a New Deal--era issue of The Nation saying that food and drug laws challenge "the sacred right of freeborn Americans to advertise and sell horse liniment as a remedy for tuberculosis .
As we booked out at reception I noticed another entry in the visitors book: 'Shame we had to be held together by Ibuprofen and horse liniment, but bodies permitting, we will be back and will bring our friends.
People were sending me horse liniment to make me better.
He treated me for third degree telephone burns to the right earhole and gave me horse liniment for an affliction known as letter-openers' elbow.