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Russian concert pianist who was a leading international virtuoso (1904-1989)

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Horowitz also has two feature films in development.
Anthony Horowitz has written a humdinger of a Bond story, so cunningly crafted and thrillingly paced that 007's creator would have been happy to have owned it.
Robert Horowitz, Barry Horowitz, Jeffrey Horowitz; Richard Horowitz, David Horowitz, Cooper-Horowitz, Inc.
Although Mr Horowitz has been hired to write the next Bond novel, he said of the movie, the most popular Bond ever: "I thought it was nonsense.
If he couldn't convince investors to give him money, Horowitz would soon be out of a job.
In the end, Horowitz argues that Vance Packard the middle-brow popularizer should be taken seriously as a social critic, even if some of his conclusions and methods are suspect.
Like many of the pianists who preceded him, Horowitz had longstanding personal and business ties to the company, which arranged his first White House recital for President Hoover in 1931.
Andreessen Horowitz has made growth investments in iconic companies such as Box.
The set contains an essay by Horowitz collector and scholar Bernard Horowitz (Horowitz: The Penultimate Chapter) and an interview with Horowitz's longtime producer Thomas Frost (both also in German and French translations), a selection of original program notes, reproductions of rare documents (for example, the standard checklist issued to promoters of a Horowitz recital), and complete recording data.
Ryan McAuliffe, M&T Bank; Jeffrey Horowitz, Cooper-Horowitz; Jason Bishop, M&T Bank
On the same June day Coby Horowitz became the first athlete from Bowdoin College in 16 years to be named an All-American in three sports in one school year, Lindsey graduated magna cum laude from Bowdoin with degrees in English and French and a minor in visual arts.
Through the New York International Piano Competition they founded, which is part of the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation, they are providing a unique opportunity for future artists to develop their craft in ways that are very different from the traditional piano competition.
For more than a decade, Horowitz, general counsel at the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration, and his wife, Devra Marcus, a physician, wondered what happened to him.
In the 19-page ruling, Superior Court Judge Helen Bendix rejected the suit filed by the farmers against the city and land developer Ralph Horowitz.
Sometimes they do so because they think they're helping the customer and sometimes it's because they're going to get a kickback and it's another way of getting revenue," Horowitz said.