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a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the action of heat on clay rocks


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The Company is currently completing further metallurgical testing of both skarn and hornfels ores to further optimize the molybdenum and precious metal recoveries especially in lower grade ores.
Once leaving Hobbs 1 pipe, the hole entered into a very strongly altered and skarnified zone of hornfels characterised by semi-continuous zones of intense stockwork quartz veining.
The mineralization is hosted in a wide and intense zone of biotite hornfels with abundant pyrite and arsenopyrite within Knob Hill Formation sediments (Table 1).
The majority of tools in the Booroola 3 assemblage were made on silcrete (46 percent), followed by hornfels (36 percent) and crystal quartz (18 percent).
Immediately above the basal contact at Chain Rock no continuous beds are visible in the hornfels.
Hole GHD007 is oriented toward the NE, and was designed to target the NE edge of Hobbs Pipe 1 near the surface, and continue on to test the geology beneath historical highly anomalous hornfels metasediment hosted mineralisation.
either confirming the area for waste dump (condemnation drilling) or identifying if there is a potential for another hornfels open pit
Chip samples were collected while mapping the contact, as the outer 10m of the Quartz Monzonite and the surrounding Hornfels aureola show a marked increase in vein intensity.
Most Stones of the region are penetrative granite, metamorphic shiest and hornfels and Fourth period alluvium.
When length replaces breadth in the calculation, assuming transverse hafting of the lithics, quartz segments still fall within the hypothetical range of arrowheads, but those made of hornfels fall within the range of darts and dolerite segments fall within the range of experimental spears (Wadley & Mohapi 2008).
The other hard stone piece (B2955-15) appears to be a piece of fine-grained hornfels.
Strata of the Partridge Island Member are altered to a white to purple hornfels virtually devoid of organic matter, as are the underlying few metres of the White Water Member.
0x20 The gold mineralization occurs as quartz-arsenopyrite-pyrite-chalcopyrite veins in quartz monzonite and hornfels and as silicification with disseminated arsenopyrite in quartz monzonite.
Most stones of the region are penetrative granite, metamorphic schist and Hornfels and Fourth period alluvium.
Twin Bonanza consists of multiple targets and early stage discoveries including Old Pirate, Old Pirate South, TB Hornfels and the bulk tonnage Buccaneer Porphyry Zone.