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United States psychiatrist (1885-1952)

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Gray (1990), Parunak (1991), and Horney (1993a) have identified a number of linkage patterns that are based on document organizing structures and on the "natural" (Horney's term) navigation patterns of users of hypertext systems.
Horney (1932) stated that men throughout time had an uncanny reaction to what seemed like these magical powers of women.
Horney, "It is folly to separate basebands and application processors as separate markets, since stand-alone basebands constitute only just over half of the market O since integrated basebands and application processors on the same die constitute a growing trend.
Bob Horney is the leader of the Us TOO Florence chapter and facilitator of the chapter's evening group.
We've also got a lot of sympathy for Horney, because he must be one of the loneliest men in the world.
For more information, contact: Mark Horney, CMS--410-786-4554
Rita Horney, of Webster Road, who was involved in the project from the start, said: "It is great.
You have to understand that my radio email address is very much in the public domain, as that is the nature of the game; you also have to appreciate that my name is Horne and my company is Horney Media, and therefore I get a lot of spam from people thinking I am some kind of sex god needing urgent shipments of Viagra from Brazil.
Efforts were coordinated by Jackie Todd, Rachele Horney and Ken Newton.
5,334,176; Daniel Buenger, James Horney and John Hammons, assignors to Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH.
Restaurants, pubs and hotels such as Horney Goat Brewing Company and The Gaylord Hotels have also successfully adopted the technology.
For information on delivering by hand or by courier or more information on any of the above, call Mark Horney - (410) 786-4554.
5 HORNEY TOWN, NORTH CAROLINA: Its proximity to Hookersville, West Virginia, is no coincidence.
2--3--Color) Above, Patricia Horney of Lake Los Angeles judges ceramics as her grandson, A.