hornet's nest

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Synonyms for hornet's nest

a highly contentious or hazardous situation

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habitation for wasps or hornets

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The idea has stirred the hornets nest of alphabet groups because the affected airspace covers almost 8000 square miles and 117 airports (including AOPA's home base at Frederick, Md.
Additionally, production has resumed on the SL 18041 #1 well at the Company's Hornets Nest facility in the south central section of the BML project area.
Total average daily production for the Company now stands at approximately 105% of pre-storm levels, or at approximately 73 Mmcfe/d with additional production yet to come online from String of Pearls, Hornets Nest, Turtle Shell and Bayou Gentilly.
The Company anticipates that the remainder of its facilities near the BML area, which are currently under reconstruction, including the String of Pearls facility, the Hornets Nest facility and the Bayou Gentilly tie-in will be repaired and ready to resume production by the end of October, as anticipated.
HOUSTON -- The Meridian Resource Corporation (NYSE:TMR) today announced the completion of its production facilities and pipeline tie-ins on the Hornets Nest prospect in the Biloxi Marsh Land ("BML") project area.