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Hornets are large members of the wasp family, with their venom containing 5 percent of acetylcholine.
The selection of the Super Hornet to fill the deficiency creates a very expensive problem.
Harden and Gordon both made a couple of shots where there was just nothing you could do - but that's just part of playing them,' Hornets coach Steve Clifford said.
A recent outbreak of Asian hornets has been successfully contained by bee inspectors who promptly tracked down and destroyed their nest in Devon.
KILLER Asian hornets could soon pose a risk to people in North Wales and the local honey bee population, says an expert.
In September last year, staff at an apiary near Tetbury in Gloucestershire spotted something they had anticipated but hoped they'd never see--Asian hornets foraging for food.
In an effort to extend the service life of its aging fleet of F/A-18E-F Super Hornets into the 2040s, the U.
Inspectors from the National Bee Unit destroyed the insects' nest and although two dead hornets were subsequently found in North Somerset, no further sightings have been reported.
Inspectors from the National Bee Unit destroyed the nest and, although two dead hornets were found in North Somerset, no further sightings have been reported.
ASIAN giant hornets could be about to colonise Merseyside, an expert warned.
Wasps and hornets don't go out of their way to pick a fight, regardless of popular opinion.
HORNETS that have killed "at least seven people" in France since 2004 and are a huge threat to the bee population could soon be making their way to Wales.
WITH the invasion of the European hornets on our doorsteps, here are seven handy tips to help you identify and avoid them.
Asian giant hornets, which sport a 6mm sting and can reach a staggering three inches long, are thought to have landed in the UK this summer due to warmer than average temperatures.