Horner's syndrome

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a pattern of symptoms occurring as a result of damage to nerves in the cervical region of the spine (drooping eyelids and constricted pupils and absence of facial sweating)

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Horner's syndrome associated with carotid artery atherosclerosis.
Horner's syndrome caused by occlusion of the vascular supply to sympathetic ganglia.
The diagnosis of Horner's syndrome was made on the constellation of signs noted on examination.
Hemiplegia Vegetativa Alterna (HVA) is the clinical condition characterized with ipsilateral Horner's syndrome (HS) and contralateral hemi-hyperhidrosis and is mainly used to define the condition at stroke patients with posterior cerebral artery (PCA) or middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion (1,2).
KEY WORDS: Horner's syndrome, Thyroid nodule, Aproclonidine.
Other clinical symptoms and signs are swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)2 , slurred speech, ataxia, facial pain, vertigo, nystagmus, Horner's syndrome, diplopia and possibly palatal myoclonus.
7%) eye who had unilateral Horner's syndrome (Table-2).
Some of these, such as Horner's syndrome, will be accompanied by other neurological signs.
Despite this relationship, Horner's syndrome secondary to tuberculous lymph node compression of sympathetic nerves is rare.
On examination, she had symptoms of Horner's syndrome and a pulsatile solid mass of 6 x 8 cm.
Neurological examination revealed the clinical picture of Horner's syndrome with mild left-sided ptosis, miosis and anhydrosis of the left side of the face.
BARTON replies: This could be an eye condition like conjunctivitis with discomfort, discharge and redness, or it could be a problem with the nerves which help the eye to work called Horner's Syndrome.
In this she describes a patient with avulsion of the lowest root of the brachial plexus, (the first thoracic), with Horner's syndrome as a result of concomitant injury to the adjacent sympathetic chain, (lid lag and a constricted pupil on the affected side), together with paralysis of the small muscles of the hand and sensory loss along the ulnar side of the arm.