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having the frame made of horn or tortoise shell or plastic that simulates either

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So we created 'retro-scientist' look for the ENGOBI Girls, with lab coats, mid-60s-styled product-colored beehive wigs, and black horn-rimmed glasses.
One woman at work physically recoiled when the elevator door opened at around 7 pm and she was confronted with the beard and its accompanying 115kg bomber-jacketed frame, black beret and horn-rimmed glasses.
I didn't have a pocket protector, and I didn't wear horn-rimmed glasses, but my "techie engineer" qualities were apparently tattooed like a bar code on my forehead.
Twenty female pupils, all aged 14, struggled to silently read Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee, while Miss Finnegan, a beautiful 30-year-old English teacher with Titian-red hair and horn-rimmed glasses, gazed at the low oppressive clouds looming in the darkening sky beyond the window panes.
The most unusual feature of this record is that it depicts Buddy without the thick horn-rimmed glasses that are associated with his image.
Once he emerged from the shadow of Charlie Chaplin by putting on a pair of lens-less, horn-rimmed glasses, he began to develop his own distinct performances.
One man was described as being about 5ft 10ins with dark brown hair and wore horn-rimmed glasses.
But this Army brat doesn't wear a long white lab coat or thick horn-rimmed glasses.
That man walking in with the soft, slightly chubby face and horn-rimmed glasses, with his son dangling from his arm--it's Michael Gerson, the president's chief speechwriter
He would get to the point where he would cough and cough and cough and start sweating," says Green, a friendly, talkative African American woman whose round face is dominated by hip, horn-rimmed glasses and a genuine gaze of pleasantness, even in the unusual event that she's not smiling.
And if you go back more than a generation, when computer projects were distilled from stacks of IBM Corp, punch cards and programmers still sported horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors, automation and finance were still mostly in separate worlds.
Mezzo Robynne Redinon, unrecognizable in a severe Mao suit and horn-rimmed glasses, was magnificent as the older Jiang Ching.
While those two new co-chairmen of the Conservative Party -Lord Saatchi, with his thick horn-rimmed glasses and famous ready wit, and Liam Fox, the one with the short, fat, hairy legs -would play Morecambe and Wise, being themselves.
I remember how excited I was, nearly trembling, when we went to the gun shop run by the short man with black, horn-rimmed glasses and a noticeable limp to pick out my first handgun.
Genevieve (Perabo) the seemingly timid and mousy student arrives, complete with horn-rimmed glasses, beret and sad tales of misfortune and lost love.