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a member of the Shoshonean people of northeastern Arizona

the Shoshonean language spoken by the Hopi

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137,000 to The Hopi Tribe, Kykotsmovi Village, to support the preparation of an economic diversification analytical study to assess economic opportunities in industry not dependent upon coal mining.
Those childhood experiences and what I learned from the Hopi tribe and its culture helped me create Talasi and her world.
The tribe's French lawyer Pierre Servan-Schreiber said: "The Hopi tribe will be extremely saddened by the decision, especially since the judgment recognises these masks have a sacred value.
A FRENCH court yesterday ruled to allow an auction of dozens of Native American tribal masks opposed by the Hopi tribe and its supporters including actor Robert Redford.
Our philosophy isn't really what we do in sales numbers that day, but how we strengthen our relationship with the government entities and the Hopi tribe," Callan says.
The inclusion of the private properties owned by the Hopi tribe in the PEA will necessitate delaying the release of the PEA for 60 to 90 days to allow ERCOSPLAN to incorporate the Hopi data.
Homolovi State Park re-opened thanks to $175,000 from the Hopi Tribe.
because I honestly feel these are religious spiritually related items and selling fake Kachinas damages the market, takes money from the sell [sic] of real Kachinas made by the Hopi Tribe and ultimately siphens [sic] money form [sic] the Hopi people themselves.
As part of his talks in the United States, Caglayan met with officials from the Indian Hopi tribe in the State of Arizona.
Like many complementary and 'alternative' ear candling does have its critics - not least from the Hopi tribe who say the practice does not actually originate from them.
The New Mexico Cultural Properties Review Committee, for example, voted in June to protect Mount Taylor for one year, during which the Acoma, Laguna and Zuni Pueblos, the Hopi Tribe, the Navajo Nation and others must petition for permanent protection from the current uranium rush.
A long distance runner from the Hopi tribe named Louis Tewanima won the silver medal in the 10,000-meter run with U.
The Hopi Tribe has a great need for well-trained teachers who can implement collaborative, culturally honoring teaching approaches to better serve Hopi children.
Members of Mesa, Arizona's Hopi tribe ran for two weeks carrying sacred water from their home in the United States to Mexico.
Ronnie, a member of the Hopi tribe of Arizona, attended the show in full traditional dress.