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a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone

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Ann McHarrie: Wee houses, skips , rounders, marbles, roller skates, hop-scotch, dressing up as film stars, tennis, postman's knock, wee shops, football, catching tadpoles in the burn, making bogies out of pram wheels - all for free
Old Style Fun - hop-scotch, hide and seek, skipping ropes, balls on the wall, tig, what's the time Mr Wolf, dodgeball - think of all the games you or your granny used to play.
The sun is shining and youngsters are making the most of their outdoor play area with mini-trampolines, trikes and hop-scotch.
How many parents have time to see that their children know how to play marbles, skip, hop-scotch, how to catch and throw a ball, so they can play with others and learn the valuable lessons of how to get on with other children and make friends, how to take their turn in a game and not cheat?
I was tired of having to hop-scotch through my yard.
Floors can be carpeted with displays similar to the games Twister or hop-scotch.
There are so many glimpses of this character in so many different guises -- different ages and awarenesses,'' says Odenkirk, who, speaking for himself as the actor portraying him across the hop-scotch "Better Call Saul'' narrative, acknowledges, "It's a puzzle.
IF Coventry council were as quick at removing litter, especially dog muck, from the pavements as they are at removing lights from babies' graves (Telegraph front page, April 18) then I might have to stop playing something similar to hop-scotch when out walking.
Times were hard and we were poor, So the women welcomed a little more, The money went on food and clothes, There were no cars, tellies, Hoovers, mortgage, or any of those, But we were so happy just the same, People weren't greedy, they were content, As long as they had money to pay the rent And when we played out in the street, Our mothers played rounders, cricket, hop-scotch, with us, Oh what a treat, to see all the neighbours and children join in the fun, It's a happy memory that cannot be undone, If only it could be like that now, it would be a better place somehow, I have lots of memories of our street, I could go on and on, But they are mine to keep.
for those who did not register in advance or come without a team; also games of foursquare, tetherball and hop-scotch, plus hula-hoop action; www.
Other activities ranged from arts and crafts to more traditional games like hop-scotch which heightened the playful and supportive atmosphere.
The playground has everything from hop-scotch and snakes and ladders to benches and an outdoor classroom with bean bags.
It will also feature a giant chalk timeline of Chester's history, a dance film installation and a mass participation game of hop-scotch.
People played traditional games including skipping, hop-scotch and hoops and there was a Punch and Judy puppet show.
I urge the President to mobilize private sector and military helicopters from across America, to include federally funded fuel at every stop for those that care to hop-scotch across the country to be part of what could be a shining moment in American history.