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James was an arrogant, overbearing, drunken, drug-taking hooray Henry," says racing commentator Murray Walker in The Real James Hunt.
THE SECOND COMING Legend Henry scores against Boro on Feb 3, 2007 and celebrates the winner last night with team-mates and manager Arsene Wenger HOORAY HENRY Thierry Henry beats Andy Lonergan to put Arsenal through Pics KENT GAVIN
ROYAL nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke wed her Hooray Henry sweetheart yesterday.
Mark Burrows created a typical hooray Henry character in keeping with the Wodehouse style as the honourable Freddie 'Honk Conk' Emsworth.
Hooray Henry, 31, has just celebrated his first anniversary with single mum Geri, 37.
HOORAY HENRY Johnny Murtagh strikes on Henrythenavigator, centre
Evesham's Carolyne Ryan-Bell is another entry on the amazing veteran Hooray Henry II, now 20 and proving himself as fit as ever cross country this year.
3 Hooray Henry Henry Cecil with Lucy Sangster after Burn The Breeze's victory at Newbury in the Robert Sangster Memorial Maiden
New Labour banned fox hunting, yet the Hooray Henry brigade still hunt the same old way, as the police have neither the resources or the time to keep check.
THE Liverpool newspapers are Britain's finest for recognising and understanding the great inherent characteristics and outstanding artistic and intellectual qualities of Liverpool's ordinary folk; and properly defend Liverpool's great world reputation against slagging off attempts by Hooray Henry hacks from the London yuppies/luvvies media society.
He battled to overcome his Hooray Henry image by embracing the Army.
During his lost years in the Everton corridors of cower - sorry, power - Grantchester was cruelly characterised as a Hooray Henry firmly under the thumb of home rule.
Oops, just as you thought the younger Royals had shaken off their Hooray Henry image, Prince William goes and borrows a helicopter to get to a stag do.
France against Portugal specials - Blue Square: 25 Birthday Boy (F Barthez to save a penalty), 1-10 No Tongues Please (L Blanc to be seen kissing F Barthez's head), 9-4 Knife Edge I (D Deschamps to get booked and miss the final), 5 Knife Edge II (Fernando Couto to get booked and miss the final), 8 The Boy From Barca (Luis Figo to score from a direct free-kick), 2 Hello Boys (L Evangelista to be spotted in the crowd), 28 Hooray Henry (T Henry to score a hat-trick).
The courtier explained: "Tom has always been thought of as a bit of a Hooray Henry but, in fact, he was seen by everyone including William as a very protective and concerned influence on the boy.