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To remember the name of the honey suckle flower, for example, imagine the sweet taste of the nectar.
Take cuttings of hardy climbers such as jasmine, honey suckle and Russian vine;
It's a much reduced plant since its drastic pruning last year; I didn't want to do it as it grew up to our bedroom window and there's nothing nicer on an early summer's evening than being able to smell honey suckle as you nod off to sleep,but it had grown so much that coming into the house was becoming too much of a challenge.
For example, he mixes Charlie Parker's Scrapple From The Apple in with Fats Waller's Honey Suckle Rose, revealing new sides to both songs in the process.
Alice stewed prunes in cinnamon and Rhone wine, embroidered lingerie; her lover wrote: You are my honey honey suckle.