Abraham Lincoln

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16th President of the United States

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Honest Abe offered patronage appointments that guaranteed that lame duck politicians could live out their days in secure federal jobs.
He praised Spielberg for making the wrong Honest Abe movie.
So, while Honest Abe would undoubtedly be surprised to see the diverse missions mentioned above (and many more) that are accomplished daily at USDA, we think he would be happy with the results of what he started that spring day 150 years ago.
It's because the Irish are peerless self-publicists, able to link every president since Honest Abe to some dell or half-forgotten hamlet like - well, like Moneygall, with the emphasis on money from now on.
Military Intelligence Monitoring Foreign Left-Wing Organizations [Haaretz] Related:Knesset Set to Vote on Law To Determine if a Group is Pro-Israel [Haaretz] J Street Head in Israel to Lobby Knesset Over Group's Commitment to Israel [Haaretz] Earlier: Honest Abe
When I was 10, a job mowing my neighbor's lawn increased the cash flow, and as my older brother entered his teens and his funding needs grew, honest Abe started to let me down.
While you're in town check out these Honest Abe events.
But since Honest Abe turns 200 years old this year, the bicentennial fever has gone into national overdrive.
Perhaps that's why we Americans gravitate toward the sting of "just the facts, ma'am" truth-tellers during the most difficult periods in history--Jimmy Carter after Watergate, FDR in the Great Depression, and Honest Abe during the Civil War--rather than sticking with the mind-numbing lull from politicians who'd rather tell us what they think we want to hear.
But Honest Abe never joined a church, and his purported "last words" about Jerusalem were delivered as he watched a trashy play at a slightly disreputable theater on Good Friday.
Honest Abe usually admits the criticism or shrugs them off with a gangly and disarming smile.
Since then, he's been talking "hope" and "unity" and other vague keywords that make him sound more like Tony Robbins than Honest Abe.
So putt out those sofa cushions, and start looking for the shiny face of Honest Abe.
It will herald a double-quick recovery for Thornton, who required surgery for the insertion of a plate and four screws to hold the fracture following a fall from chaser Honest Abe at Market Rasen on November 5.
When the manager of the amendment appealed to the president, Honest Abe responded with this statement: "So far as I know there are no peace commissioners in the City, or likely to be in it.