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30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 29 a panel of judges at the 2015 Salon Du Chocolat in Paris recognized Honduran cocoa as the best cocoa in Central America and the Caribbean.
During a June 23 radio-television national address, Hernandez told Hondurans the government was going beyond the Indignados' demand (NotiCen, July 2, 2015), proposed the system, and called for a national debate to find a way to tackle corruption and impunity--an actual way of life for some in this country.
Recent political and economic developments" in the country, including a 2009 military coup d'etat, which unseated a left-leaning government and unsettled a period of relative peace in Honduran society;
In a letter to President Lobo that he posted on the Charter Cities blog, Romer complained that the Hondurans not only failed to discuss the deal with him beforehand but also refused to let him review the agreement after the fact.
In 2012, the United States and Honduras took several important steps to reduce violence and drug trafficking while building Honduran institutions.
Alba, which approved economic sanctions against the de facto Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti, called for international pressure to reject the November 29 Honduran elections won by president-elect Porfirio Lobo.
Nearly half of Hondurans (47%) also agreed their country was at the time headed toward a civil war, up 20 percentage points from 27% in 2008.
Steps toward national reconciliation and the strengthening of democracy include a pledge to abstain from suggesting any sort of popular consultation with the aim of reforming the Honduran constitution, a rescheduling of elections from November to October, and a reaffirmation of the professional and apolitical character of the Honduran armed forces.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized him as "reckless" when he took a few steps onto Honduran soil on Friday in a symbolic gesture in front of international media.
The reality is that the Honduran military, at the behest of the nation's Supreme Court, acted to defend the nation's constitution against an illegal would-be power grab by the now ousted president, Manuel Zelaya.
The media oligopoly, he said, "is limiting the right to information and freedom of expression of all Hondurans.
She is well aware of her good fortune and has reasons to be optimistic: Beginning with sales of just US$2,000 a year, hungry Hondurans and foreigners today gobble down $40,000 annually today.
It kidnapped, tortured, and killed hundreds of Hondurans.
But because the Arabs are neither residentially segregated nor physically distinguishable from other Hondurans, "they tend to fade into the general fabric of Honduran life when viewed casually by outsiders.
He stressed that Hondurans need to pay attention to individual needs in the local market while meeting generalized needs in the international marketplace.