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I am particularly troubled by reports of the Honduran police using force against demonstrators and repressing journalists, which has already claimed several lives.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Some 2,268 unauthorized migrant children of Honduran origin have been deported to their country by US, Mexican and Central American authorities between January and July 7, according to official sources in Honduras.
Two days before the PN held its primary election, Hernandez spoke to the nation on radio and television, telling Hondurans that "to go after, capture, and punish the actors involved in drug trafficking, assets laundering, corruption, extortion, and extraditing several of those individuals when applicable is a show of political will and institutional strengthening.
This project is said to create over 7000 jobs for Hondurans, while lowering costs for travelers.
Hondurans are eager for capacity building, and our job is to assist the government as they answer that call with creativity and equal determination.
As a result, Honduras is today "the most unequal country in Latin America," the report says, citing a litany of statistics: poverty among Hondurans has risen 4.
issues, Hondurans have seen few improvements thus far (see
After meeting the Honduran free cities team run by Sanchez, and after some initial collaborative meetings with one another, Friedman and Strong each launched his own company seeking partnership with the Hondurans.
In 2012, Honduran institutions worked to thwart violence and narcotics trafficking.
I was headed to a mountain village near La Union, the Honduran town where I taught and lived for a year after college graduation.
Raul Castro made the comments on Sunday in Havana during the Alba summit of nine Latin American countries, defending what he said was the right of Manuel Zelaya, the former Honduran president, to be reinstated.
Our policy goal has always been to help the Hondurans restore the democratic order in their country," the department said in a statement released on Friday night.
Gallup polled in Honduras in July and found 71% of Hondurans saying the political situation in the country was not stable at all.
My attempts to discuss the breakthrough with Hondurans here in Tegucigalpa have largely been met with a wave of the hand and roll of the eyes, behavior that detracts slightly from the optimism of the July 29 New York Times article proclaiming: "Honduran Leader Backs Return of President.
A couple of hundred Hondurans who managed to reach the border were camped out in Nicaragua with Zelaya, holed up in the town of Ocotal planning his next move.