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Synonyms for homogeneity

the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature

the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure

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2] and the homogenity was checked by using SDS-PAGE in 15% polyacrylamide gel as described by Laemmli (1970).
62) Terorismus inspirovany radikalne pravicovou ideologii oproti tomu spociva v boji proti elementum, ktere ohrozuji spolecnost rozbitim jeji etnicke homogenity ci degradaci moralnich hodnot.
2004, 'Global Media: Generic Homogenity and Discursive Diversity', Continuum, no.
4] aggregates in PFO matrix, which damages film homogenity and prevents current flow due to having insulator capping agent (oleic acids) on their surfaces, lead to an increase of turn-on voltage and a decrease in device performance.
687 IH/IHa IH/IHa = Index of Homegenity / Index of Homogenity adjusted.
Skumanie homogenity vytvorenych skupin miest na zaklade objektivnych (negeografickych) kriterii potvrdilo, ze klesajuce poradie skupin podl'a kvality zivota suvisi s klesajucim indikatorom HDP na obyvatel'a.
Media plays a vital role in promoting national cohesion and unity thus there is need of liberal media policy as a driving force for national unity and homogenity.
While the homogenity of the presidential office is underscored by the uniform dimensions of the figurines, Forman highlights each president's individual nature by photographing them in isolation.
83 (a) p-Value from the heterogeneity test (the null hypothesis being homogenity of the city specific result)