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Synonyms for homogeneity

the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature

the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure

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In this paper, five testing specimens for simulator of thermomechanical cycles with different shapes are analysed using FEM simulation to evaluate and compare the homogenity of temperature fields in their active parts and stability by applied clamping force.
50 (Hydrolyzed milk protein) Phase C Preservative qs Perfume qs PROCEDURE: Disperse the Structure XL in water and stir until complete homogenity.
Comparing modernities; pluralism versus homogenity, essays in homage to Shmuel N.
Now this being, if it is not living, knowing and having power but whose efficacy (ta'thiruhu) is due rather to emanation (fayd) and nature (tabi ah), then the same problem of homogenity is again entailed; but if it is living, knowing and having power, then that is the point.